It’s easy to find yourself getting lost in the world of blog posts…

One minute you’re reading an article about a latest fashion accessory, and next minute you’re reading a article on 5 ways to cook eggs!

Every day I read around 20+ blog posts and a lot of them I thoroughly enjoy reading.

When I’m on a role, I’ll be quickly flicking through various articles that I find. I have my regular blogs that I will check every two-three days, and generally I refer back to these blogs because of their consistency, quality of content, or purely because I just like to see what’s going on in a particular bloggers life (aka, I’m nosy).

However there are some blogs that I have landed on that have instantly lead me to exit, simply because of my first impression of the site.

I think it’s important for bloggers to know what makes a reader stay on their site, as well as what could be causing a high bounce rate on their page, so take a look at the following things I like to avoid.

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Pop-up’s and Email Subscriptions

So I’ve just hopped onto your blog for the first time, and you want me to subscribe already? Why should I? I haven’t even had a chance to read your “About” page, let alone decide if it’s a blog that I want to read regularly! I personally love a call to action, but I think the reader should be able to view your content first before deciding.

Also, the layout of pop-up’s can appear differently depending on your browser, and I’ve lost count of how many times I have accidently shut down the screen completely, instead of the pop-up- so keep this in mind.

Ideally, an email subscription pop-up shouldn’t appear until the reader has been on the site for at least 5 minutes. That way they’ve had enough time to decide whether they’re a fan or not!

Not Responsive for Mobile Devices 

Generally I will do most of my blog reading on my laptop, however during the evening when I’m having some downtime, or just before bed, I like to read a few posts that I didn’t get a chance to throughout the day on my iPhone.

Blogs that do not have their page optimised for mobile devices, I will not read. Why? Because I can’t unless I have a magnifying glass! I bet most of you didn’t know that Google penalises sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices? Make this change on your blog immediately!

You Blog Isn’t Visually Appealing

Nothing excites me (or most people) about a blog post that is just a massive chunk of print. Blogs need to be visually appealing! The majority of your audience is going to rely on visually appealing content and imagery, in order to keep them interested. My advice is to break up your content with pictures, titles, and plenty of space.

Your Blog is Too Busy 

If I hop onto your site and there are too many colours, shapes, font sizes, videos, imagery – I will tend not to stay on and read, and I think you’ll find that this may be the case with other readers too. Just because there a variety of themes and tools available to use on your blog, doesn’t mean you have to use all of them as it can become very unclear to the reader what your message is, and what you’re trying to convey.

Ultimately, you need to make your blog as visually appealing, clear and concise, as well as user friendly as you can. I suggest getting a reliable outside source to take a good look at your blog, and conduct a small audit. See what they think is working and what isn’t, as this could really change your bounce back rates and views.

Speaking of, what keeps you going back to your favourite blogs?

Image courtesy of Pinterest.