So you’ve started a blog.

You’ve been blogging consistently for the last few months, but now you want to take it to the next level.

You want to be taken seriously, and you want to start working with brands.

Sound like you?

Listed below are the sorts of things brands will look for when they land on your blog. Without having the majority of these things, your blog won’t get very far at all (trust me).

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First impressions count, so you MUST have a professional looking blog.

If you want to work with professional brands, then those brands need to see that you’re a good fit for representing and working with them.

1. It is seriously important to have a visually attractive blog, that is professional, unique and readable.

A professional website must have the following:

–  A unique and readable look. No messy layout, unreadable fonts (or three types of fonts for that matter).

– A consistent look and theme on all your pages and posts.

– Never use bright colours. Background colours should always be a single wash – black or dark grey text against a white background will always work, and never place patterns behind text.

– A website should always be easy to navigate. If it takes more than 2 clicks to get to an article, then readers won’t bother.

– A website must always be mobile-friendly. More than half the readers of A Stylish Moment, read my posts on their mobiles. If your site isn’t mobile compatible – click here to see what could happen!

Essentially when it comes to your website design, keep it simple yet unique and professional and avoid using too many images and busy icons.

Oh, and never, ever have hit counters or visitor trackers on your site, save these for your media kit.

2. Be active on your site. It’s no use reaching out to a brand to collaborate with them when you haven’t posted in three weeks. Brands want to see you being active and alive on your site. So, if you aren’t showing that you’re focused on your blog and it’s content (i.e it’s a second thought or you keep forgetting to post), brands will notice that.

Being active on your blog also means having active discussions as well. Reply to visitor comments and have interactive discussions, as it will show that you’re loyal to your followers.

3. This is a big one. Be active on your social media channels. Most brands prefer to work with bloggers who have an active website, as well as at least two active social media channels with a strong following. Make sure that the links from your site to your social channels are working, and that you keep your follower stats up to date on your Media Kit.

4. Having a media kit is crucial if you want to work with brands. Treat it as if it’s a resume for your blog. I recently wrote a post all about developing a media kit – so click here to check it out.

5. A great way to showcase your credibility is to display any articles from websites, magazines or newspapers that you have been featured in. This section can be in your ‘About’ page, or as a separate tab titled ‘Press’.

6. One thing you definitely need is a Work with Me‘ or ‘Let’s Collaborate’ page. Ensure that you outline all of the services that you offer, on this page. In mine, I have added in an ‘Items Sent for Editorial Consideration’ section, which outlines that any items that are sent for Editorial Consideration are appreciated, and if relevant to the blog – will be featured. I have also outlined my Disclosure Policy, which is really important to have on your blog. Get your’s here.

Do you already have these things implemented onto your site? Or are you struggling? Get in touch, I’d love to help out!

Image sourced via Pinterest. 

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