Lately I have been doing ALOT of researching.

I’ve read countless blogs and other websites and have really been immersing myself in the wealth of information that is available online regarding SEO’s, meta descriptions, analytics, and general blogging tips.

I have also been working closely with a friend of mine on developing the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for my site, and we have been working on techniques to increase the amount of visitors and traffic to A Stylish Moment.

To say that I have been busy is an understatement, and I’ve lost count of the amount of blog To-Do lists I have made!!!


In learning all about this, I have also learnt about what NOT to do/write/post on a blog, and how to avoid being disliked by Google. Tip #1 – NO ONE wants to be disliked by Google.

I know there are a fair few of you out there who are also bloggers, and are also constantly searching for tips and tricks on how to succeed in the blogosphere. I remember when I first started out blogging, I was overwhelmed with information on what to do and what not to do and I really struggled to find a resource that I felt answered my blogging questions.

So, to my fellow blogger friends – I want to be this resource for you!

I have put together 6 Ways to Make your Blog Appealing, which outlines some simple tips to make your blog more appealing to both your audience, as well as to search engines such as Google.

  1. Become a lover of photography and imagery. It’s a known fact that most of us are visual people. We love seeing gorgeous imagery on the screen, as it can make us visualise a particular scene or moment. So often I see bloggers just throwing a chunk of text on their sites with an accompaniment of only 1 or 2 images. Hands up who can’t handle reading massive chunks of text? (I hope all of your hands are up now). Your blog needs to be visually appealing. What I love about using imagery on my site is that it breaks up the text, and actually makes an article flow really well. Imagery also adds colour and vibrancy, and images should always be relevant to what you are writing about, and they should accompany the piece.


2. In saying this, don’t overdo it with the imagery. Time and time again I see bloggers write a 100 word post, and then throw in 10-15 images of the same thing just at different angles. This is not appealing at all, and is definitely not appealing for Google, who won’t rank your post well.

For me, when I write a What I Wore post, I tend to write 200-300 words on the outfit, and then break up the text with images, ensuring that there are a variety of shots – all different. You need to be capturing your readers attention with your imagery. If you’re a fashion or food blogger, this means that you need to selectively pick 4-5 images that are each different to support your story. Be ruthless when selecting images people!!

3. Ensure that you have a key topic or focus that will form the base of your piece. There is nothing worse than reading an article that flips back and forth and is all over the place. Blogs are for writing articles on specific topics or issues and forming strong focus and opinion on that particular topic.

Few readers are interested in reading about a variety of topics in one article, so sticking to just one topic is key, otherwise you run the risk of losing your audience, and limiting your readership. An example of this would be writing a single post about New York Fashion Week and Gardening. These are two completely different topics, that will have two different types of readers, so keep them separate.

4. Understand your target audience. I know that many of you want to appeal to a large variety of readers – but that just isn’t possible. If you want to build up a reliable and consistent audience, then decide on your target audience and tailor your posts to reflect this audience. That way, you will become more well known with that particular demographic (e.g. 18-25yr old women, or 25-40 yr old men).

5. When writing your posts, use headers and titles. These are much the same as using images to break up your content. It’s easy for a reader to get lost in your words and paragraphs. Headers are great for longer blog posts so that the reader knows they can refer to that particular spot for information. I personally love using headers and titles – I think it makes posts look a lot more structured.

6. List posts should be your best friend. A great example of this is the post you are reading right now “6 Ways to Make your Blog Appealing“. See that number 6? Google loves that, because that’s what people are looking for. Readers also love these types of posts because they can scan the post and decide on exactly what they want to read.

See how simple and easy these tips are? Now go out and conquer the blogosphere!

Do you already follow some of these tips? What do you find works for your blog?

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