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Being a blogger means that you have to constantly be across what’s happening in the online world, as well as be keeping up to date with the latest in web developments, trends and tech information.

This means that you need to always be immersing yourself in a variety of both online and offline courses, information sessions, tutorials, workshops and seminars. But, if you’re like me, you love this kind of stuff!

If you’re wanting to be a successful, long-term blogger, then you actually have to be interested in learning and developing your skills further too. No brand likes to work with a blog that has an outdated website, an obvious lack of passion for what they do, or are not constantly open to developing their skills and creativity.

As I mentioned, I am always interested in developing my blogging skills and know-how, through attending online tutorials, seminars, forums and reading copious articles and books. The more knowledge, information and experience I can get; the better!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest


With all this knowledge and wealth of blogging information available to us, what ALOT of bloggers forget or dismiss, is the fact that knowing how to code is actually really important for long-term blogging success.

By learning to code, you can actually acquire a lot more information about your website, and how to use and develop it to make it better for you, and your readers.

As bloggers, we are intrinsically tied or reliant on our websites as they are the heart and soul of our businesses. When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy that most bloggers (including myself!) have no idea how it all actually works behind the scenes!

If we knew how to code we could create a site that wasn’t constrained by a generic theme. We could make changes to the site when and how we wanted to, without needing to be reliant on an expensive developer. We could understand how to optimise our size to be fast and reliable, so that our audience never had to wait unnecessarily for it to load or find that the site had crashed and they couldn’t access it.

If we understood web development, we could jump on new trends and implement our ideas quickly. We would have a highly sought after skillset that could at times supplement the often unpredictable income of blogging, and we could even decide at a whim to launch a new product, blog or landing page and have it built within hours not weeks.

Image courtesy of Institute of Code

Image courtesy of Institute of Code


This week I discovered a coding course that is perfectly set up for bloggers, and let’s you travel and experience a new culture, build yourself a new blog AND learn to code at the same time.

The Institute of Code is a Career Accelerator; they provide people with sought after digital skills and practical experience (as well as an amazing portfolio) that helps them to land their dream job faster, and they do it through all-inclusive tech retreats in beautiful locations around the world.

I found out about Institute of Code through a friend of mine, and she put me in touch with Co-Founder Tina May who explained it like this …

“Over 10 days in a luxury pool villa in Bali or Mexico you’ll learn kick-ass web development skills and build a portfolio of responsive websites from scratch. We know that the environment you learn in is critical to you developing your skillset fast, so this is no ordinary school. Our sunrise meditation and sunset yoga will get you in the perfect mindset to learn, and our in-house chef will whip you up some brain food (and a wicked watermelon smoothie!). Our experienced mentors are living in the villa too, so 100% focused on you, and with only 12 students and 3 teachers you know you’ll get the one-on-one attention you need to thrive”. Which in my opinion, sounds just about as far removed from any school that I’ve ever heard of!

By the way, let me remind you again that this is all within the tropical surrounds of either Bali or Mexico (amazing I know!).


Now I bet most of you are thinking, how is this relevant to me? And at first, I thought this too – but then I realised that literally everything us digital influences, marketers and small business owners do in life is associated with the internet, websites, and social media.

Working in this sort of environment through having a blog means that it makes sense that we learn some of these skills and techniques, so that we know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes on our websites.

Marketers, digital influencers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, small business owners, digital lovers – this is seriously the course for you!

During the course you will not only learn HTML, CSS and basic javascript (the languages of the web!) you will also have the opportunity to build your entire blog from scratch, which is pretty amazing considering that having your own site custom built by a developer probably costs more than their entire all-inclusive program (it’s only $3450US).

If you feel like this is right up your alley (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to attend one of these courses?), Institute of Code has some upcoming exotic retreats for 10 days in Mexico and Bali with all accommodation, meals, coursework and daily activities like yoga, included in the price.

Image courtesy of Institute of Code

Image courtesy of Institute of Code

When you read the 5 star rave reviews Institute of Code have received from bloggers, entrepreneurs and creatives then you can’t help but be super impressed…

If you honestly want to make the most out of your life, and want to develop your know-how on all things digital, then you are the right person for this course! Also, you probably want to avoid their Instagram unless you want to experience epic FOMO, because the location that they take their students and the campus where the programs are held, really is beautiful.


I’m hoping to make it to one of their retreats this November, but if you want to beat me to it, they have a $500 scholarship up for grabs right now for their Aug 22 or September 7 retreats in Sayulita, Mexico. Check out all the details here!

Learn more about Institute of Code, via their website.