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If you haven’t already noticed (or you may have now when you read this post), I recently had a “look and feel” revamp of my site.

To be honest with you, I absolutely love it!

Quite often these last couple of days I’ve found myself scrolling up and down my home page, admiring the new look, and thinking “bloody hell I love that this is what I do”.

I love that this site is mine, and mine only – and only me myself can dictate what it looks like, and what content is on here.

And that’s SUCH a good feeling!

I’m all about having self love and love for your blog, because I have this theory that the more you show yourself and your blog love, the more your viewers are going to love your blog too!

Now that’s a whooooole lotta love.

Today I thought I’d share with you why I enjoy blogging SO MUCH, and what I think it’s important for other bloggers to remember on days when they may be feeling a little unsure or apprehensive about their blog, and what they’re doing.


For those of you that are new to the blog, I started this whole blogging gig a few years ago now.

It all began when I was studying at Uni (University of Canberra in fact), and travelled overseas to Florence, Italy to partake in a 4 week Fashion Event’s and PR course, that was part of my degree. It was there where I was first exposed to the wonderful world of fashion, PR and events, and it was there where I realised that fashion PR, events and writing is where I needed to be, and that I had to find a career that allowed me to work in that space.

When I returned to Australia, I started my first blog called “Bellamente Style”, which in Italian translates to “Beautifully Styled”.

Back then I had NO IDEA what I was doing, and started a simple Blogger.com site that had very minimal styling.

My pictures weren’t of the best quality, but I was keen to just express myself and my style as much as I could. From there, my love for writing online blossomed and I began writing for a few online publications. It was from here where I started to gain traction with local fashionistas, and really developed a knack for it all.

Towards the end of my University degree, I took a break from the blogging scene. Partly because I was in the midst of final exams, and also because I just didn’t think I had what it took to blog properly. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after Uni and I was well and truly stuck.

After starting full time work post graduating Uni, I decided that I needed to re start a side project, and that I would give this whole blogging thing another go.

This time, I meant serious business and purchased a domain name, website theme, moved from Blogger.com to WordPress (best decision I ever made), and launched what is now A Stylish Moment.

So back to the present day (two or so years on), and I am in absolute LOVE with my blog, and what I do. Like I said, I love it so much that I regularly hop onto my site and pretend to be a reader, so that I can enjoy my content from another point of view. I can also pull up any missed spelling mistakes I may have made when I first wrote the post too – oops!!


I love my blog for few reasons:

  • It means I have the freedom to express myself and write whatever the hell I want;
  • I get to work with some AMAZING brands – and really form some key connections;
  • I get to manage myself, and I don’t have to report to anyone. Sometimes when I forget to post, or run out of time to get some pictures for Instagram – I only have myself to get angry at – no.one.else;
  • I get to pick my own hours to work – although increasingly this is becoming a full time gig for me – which I love anyway;
  • And I get write about ANYTHING – whether it’s my own personal mental health story, or a Where to Eat, Shop & Stay in Byron Bay post!


What I’ve found lately is that a lot of other bloggers are putting increasing amounts of pressure on themselves, as well as ridiculously high expectations to be bigger and better – and that they are also constantly comparing themselves to others.

What’s great about being a blogger, is that you are always going to be different to every other blogger out there. Your content is different, your writing style is different, and each of you will have unique stories and personal perspectives to share with your followers.

Another bloggers Instagram feed may be flawless or have more followers than you – but doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily better.

Accept that every blog is different – that’s primarily the whole point of blogging. That it is ones own opinions and views, and no one else’s. Seriously, who has time for competition? I certainly don’t! I’m too busy trying to find appropriate walls for my outfit posts…

The online world is already an extremely difficult one to navigate, especially for bloggers – so be kind to yourself, especially if you’re a new blogger starting out.

Practice some self love for your site. Be proud of what you have made, how many followers you have, the growth you have and be proud of every opportunity that you are given. The more love you show for yourself and your blog – the more it will show to your followers, and the better the blogging world will be for you.

And finally, always remember why you started blogging in the first place, and never let that thought leave your mind! If you started a blog so that you could become “Instagram famous”, or earn a lot of money, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons, and it’ll show!

What’s your personal blogging story? Are you a self lover of your own blog? I hope you are! 

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