Over the weekend I had some incredible opportunities to catch up with local bloggers and influences, and I had some seriously thought provoking conversations with them about the world in which we work.

One particular topic of conversation that popped up was about working with brands and establishing what is the right way to contact brands to inquire about collaborations.

How should we approach the conversation? What platform should we contact them on? How do we avoid appearing amateurish and inexperienced?


In order to assist my blogger friends out there who need a little help (or push) to get a collab with a brand, here are some tips.

Step One: Create a media kit

I’ve said this many times before, and it is something I continually tell my blogging clients – create a media kit.

If you want to work with brands but don’t have stats for them that show how many page views your blog gets, or what your demographic is; then they won’t be interested.

Brands always want a quick snapshot of a particular blogger that they can gaze over in an instant and get a good idea if they’re the right fit for them.

I’ve written before about steps to creating a media kit, which is perfect for bloggers who are new to the brand collaboration scene, so click here to check it out.

Remember, your media kit needs to be a quick snapshot of you, not an essay.

Step Two: Decide who you want to approach

In order to not appear desperate and inexperienced, always have a target idea of who and what brands you want to work with. There is no use contacting a specific makeup or clothing brand, if you have never heard of them or never used their products before.

Why? Because you wont seem genuine in your pitch to the brand.

Contact and work with brands that you know and love. This is a great philosophy to go by if you’re all about staying true to your followers and appearing 100% genuine.

Step Three: Send a warm and professional email

Email is the best form of contact for this sort of thing (definitely never message over social media). You can make the email quite personal, and it means you can attach your media kit to it too.

I always approach any brand email with a personal touch, and always address it to the name of the brand rep or account manager (if you know it).

You also really want to warm up to these brands so I recommend giving them some love on social media too!

Ultimately, the more personal you are and the more value you can offer, the better.

Step Four: Give brands time to respond

No brand likes a blogger who is pushy and presumptuous. You can definitely be persistent, but never too pushy.

Give these brands time to respond, and always know that if they really want to work with you, they will get back to you quickly.

Also, when you first start contacting brands as a new blogger, don’t have your rates and expectations set in stone. Collaborations can always be negotiable, depending on the brand and the circumstance, so be open to this. Once you have a bit more credibility and experience, you can start to have more set guidelines.

Oh, and always consider possibilities in every brand collaboration opportunity, as you never know what may come from them!

Are you a blogger who has begun working with brands? What has your experience been like? 

Image sourced via Pinterest.

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