Social media is a massive part of what I do.

Having a blog and social media management business means that I am constantly connected to social media.

I believe that social media accounts and having a strong social media presence is important for any business if they are wanting to connect with a wider range of followers and customers. As I have mentioned before in a previous blog post, I am of the opinion that social media can be used for good.

For me, it has helped me launch my blog, and has enabled me to present myself and my brand to a wider audience.

It has also helped me build some extremely good connections and friendships with other people, as well as find other brands and companies that I may never of found before.

However, as important as social media is for business, I think that it’s also just AS important if not more, to have a fully functioning website as a main platform for communication with your audience.

Think about this, what if Instagram shut down one day, and it was no more? How would your customers/clients/audience connect with you? If you had a website, you’d be fine, but for those that didn’t- they would suffer.

Having a fully functioning website AND strong social media presence is definitely the way to go.

Time and time again I see many other bloggers and influences use social media in a way that it shouldn’t be used.

From the way they try and interact with their followers, to the particular approach they take to their photos and/writing of their comments. I believe that if any business wants to succeed, they need to have proper social media plans and strategies in place to do so.

This means:

Having a social media plan and calendar

This can be as simple as blocking out a section in your diary to roughly plan your social media posts for the week ahead. This is so to ensure that you are being consistent with your posting, and that you are keeping your followers up to date with relevant information. Of course, I am always a fan of a spontaneous social media post too!

Having a specific look and feel

There is nothing worse than hopping onto someone’s Instagram account and seeing different shaped images that have been cropped at different angles, or are all different sizes. This is not a great first impression, as it shows that your organisation or brand does not have consistent branding. Same goes with using filters. It’s important to stick to a consistent way of filtering and editing your images. Either opt for a very bright feed, white feed, or black and white feed. Whichever it is – decide on it and stick with it.

Doing research of other brands on social media before tagging them

For example, if I was to do a post promoting Priceline or Qantas, I would 100% ensure that I knew their relevant social media tags and/or relevant hashtags to use. Frequently I see bloggers and social media influencers tagging brands with the incorrect tag – if you want to get noticed, you need to be across these details.

Having exceptional grammar and spelling

Again, if you want to be noticed by brands and other influential people, then you need to be writing and editing your posts properly. One thing that I do quite often is pre write my comments in the notes section on my iPhone, and then copy and paste that into the comments section on my post. This ensures that my spelling and grammatical errors are found before it’s too late!

Being creative

If you’re a fashion blogger, no one wants to see the same outfit posts three times in a row. If you watch me closely on Instagram, you’ll notice that I generally only post a What I Wore outfit post once or twice, and I tend to stagger these posts over a couple of days. This breaks the feed up and allows for other photos to stand out.

Having a photo plan

On Instagram this could be a sequence of posting fashion, food and travel photos in that order, or more specifically, a photo of a person, photo of an accessory, and then a photo of nature – or something like that. A flowing photo plan like this will look great in the long run.

Do you follow any of these Do’s and Don’ts already?

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