I have been blogging on A Stylish Moment for over 2 years now.

Seriously, where did all that time go?

What I quickly learnt after starting my first blog (back in University), and once I embarked on the A Stylish Moment venture; was that the more successful you want your blog to be, the more time you need to spend on it.

This means it’s super important to work on your time management skills.

Having a full time job outside of blogging means that for now (unfortunately), A Stylish Moment is a part time project for me. However, I am hoping that eventually it will become a more full time career.

At the moment I am spending as much of my spare time as I can outside of my full time job, establishing content for the blog, scheduling and making time for photo-shoots, interviews and various other projects – and I absolutely love it!

I pride myself on having good time management skills, but sometimes I think – how do people do this?!

My early mornings and evenings are spent writing my content and researching various post ideas, stories and inspiration; and whatever other spare time I have I am spending it trawling through Instagram or visiting a new space and networking. Everything I do in my day to day life somehow relates back to A Stylish Moment.

Having a fashion and lifestyle blog means that it requires me to step outside of my computer and be a little more creative. This means photo-shoots, interviews, connecting with brands, stores and media, visiting locations, as well as general outings that all have to be added to my normal working day hours and schedule. This can be tough.

So, if you truly want to start a blog, make relationships and build your brand- then you need to make time for this.


1. Stick to a rough routine and schedule.

I know that most days aren’t the same throughout the week, but TRY and establish some form of routine or schedule that you can roughly stick to. This may mean getting up at the same time every morning and going for a run or to the gym, so that then frees up your afternoon for blogging, meetings and various other things.

You don’t always have to stick to it, but when you know in your head what your daily schedule is, it definitely helps get things accomplished a lot faster and you will become more efficient. Every morning when I wake up, I plan and set out what I have to do that day, and I prioritise.

2. Use a diary – or have two, like I do.

One for personal use, and the other is for blogging. The reason I have two is because I like to keep my appointments and daily schedule separate from my blogging diary, which is used more as a way to plan my posts and see how they line up throughout the week. For me, writing appointments and things down is the best way for me to remember them.

3. It’s easy to get distracted when you have various projects, jobs and life matters to deal with. When tackling a few different projects, it’s important to stay concentrated and not to get too distracted with other matters.

Even if you’re the best multi-tasker in the world, it’s easy to procrastinate from doing something when you think you are being productive. This has all got to do with sticking to a daily plan or schedule, and even to specific timings.

4. Construct a LIST.

List’s are an easy way for managing your time. Priority lists are even better- where you rank the jobs that you need to accomplish in order of priority. The best part of list making? Checking things off once they’re completed!!

5. When an article or blog post idea comes to you- write it down straight away! That doesn’t mean you need to construct the post right at that moment, but it does mean you should write down a few points so that you can schedule it into your content calendar for later on.

6. Develop a content calendar.

This is a rough calendar (I always write mine in pencil) that outlines what you intend on posting for the month ahead. I keep my content calendar in my diary, which I carry around with me everywhere.

7. Don’t always feel as though you need to rush and get posts up on your blog – what’s important is quality over quantity.

The more invested you are in a particular piece, the better it will read and the more traction it will get from your viewers.

Produce quality content over a specific time frame that works for you. If that means posting twice a week, then that’s great, or if you have more time to post 4-5 times a week then that’s even better!

Blogging is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and if you ever find that writing for your blog is becoming more of a chore rather than an enjoyment and hobby, then its time to re construct your ideas and blogging purpose.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

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