I have only recently learnt the art of saying no.

No to commitments that I don’t have time for, no to meetings that I see no benefit in, and no to anything that I know is not going to make me happy, or assist me in furthering my achievements and reaching my goals.

As most of you know, I was off sick last week, so I had to actually rest and recoup. It was during this time off that I really grasped the concept of saying no to opportunities, and turning things down – as my schedule and commitments list was becoming just a bit much for me to handle.

The pace of life for most people at the moment is pretty crazy and intense.

With end of year commitments and events popping up left right and centre, it is SO EASY to get a bit frazzled and burnout. Many of us are juggling multiple responsibilities and with high demands and often high expectations from others, and ourselves – this can all get quite overwhelming and exhausting!

I think most of you are able to recognise warning symptoms that your body gives you when it’s feeling run down and exhausted – but do many of you listen to what your body is telling you? Or are you simply just ignoring them and continuing on?

Personally, I know I had been ignoring my warning symptoms for a while now.

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Below I’m sharing with you 4 tips to avoid burning out, and how to keep your mind, body and soul happy:


What I mean by this is that it is so important to observe your surroundings, and constantly live in the present moment. Avoid always looking to what’s happening in days or weeks time – and instead focus on the now. Be engaged, and present.

Trust me, the more you practice being in the now – the less stressful everything else in your life will seem.

Easier said than done hey…


When an opportunity arises, whether it be personal or work related, really assess the situation, before you commit.

Too many times I find myself saying yes yes and YES to every opportunity, for fear that if I don’t, I’ll miss out. Be willing to say no to things that you know is going to take up your time – time that you could be spending on something for yourself.


Block out parts of your day or week (and physically block them out in your diary), that are dedicated to time spent just for you.

Whether it be an hour or half a day, make this time for you to allow yourself to re-align. Whether you spend that time at yoga, at home on the couch, or getting your nails done; it’s completely up to you – but this is YOU time.

Making time for you is so very important. Read about other things you can do during your “me” time, in my previous blog post.

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I’m a massive fan of this one, and believe that it really does work.

If you’re the type of person that has a really inconsistent morning and is finding themselves late for work, or always frazzled – then I definitely recommend forming some sort of morning routine. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than what you need to, and spend that time prepping yourself for the morning ahead.

You could also write a list of to-do’s or practice some meditative breathing.


In addition to these, it’s also super important to always maintain a generally healthy and positive lifestyle.

Ensure you are eating well, and getting enough sleep as these two elements are key to maintaining a healthy and positive mind, body and soul.

Have you found yourself feeling a little overwhelmed lately?