You all know how keen I am to try new things.

ESPECIALLY when they are health and fitness related.

I’m always the one to try the new Yoga or Pilates trend, latest facial treatments, and any sort of massage. Why? Because I’m constantly on the look out for the next best thing!

So, when CRYOSPA Canberra contacted me to see if I’d be interested in being exposed to a fine liquid nitrogen mist of up to -150°c, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes! Call me crazy, but I was super keen to try out the latest in Cryotherapy treatments that have just landed in Canberra.

A bit of background on CRYOSPA Canberra, before I get into the nitty-gritty of my experience yesterday.

CRYOSPA Canberra offers Canberra’s only whole body Cryotherapy treatment in it’s CRYOSAUNA.

Never heard of Cryotherapy before? Not many people have, and I only have because I have a rugby playing boyfriend who is all about the ice baths, and muscle recovery therapy!

Advocated by numerous health and wellness experts, and tried and tested by many people that I know, Cryotherapy has numerous health benefits. These include the increase of energy levels, muscle recovery, improved skin condition, and improved general health and well-being. It also has great mental health benefits for those suffering from anxiety or depression.

Essentially, Cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling treatment that works by briefly exposing your body to a fine liquid nitrogen mist of up to -150°c that safely (really, it is) cools your skin for up to 3 minutes. Trust me when I say that those 3 minutes actually fly by!

My first thoughts when I heard about this was – “how am I going to last for 3 minutes in such freezing temperatures?” However during my treatment I quickly learnt that the body’s natural response to this hyper-cooling is an increase in blood circulation to the internal organs, flooding the cells with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes.

Post treatment, your body temperature will quickly return to normal, leaving your skin and muscles enriched with nutrients, oxygen and enzymes for immediate and lasting results.

CRYOSPA Canberra currently has the CRYOSAUNA for the whole body Cryotherapy, the CRYOSPOT treatments, for targeted pain and inflammation reduction, and CRYOFACIAL, which is a specialised facial treatment using a wand that emits a controlled beam of vaporised liquid nitrogen.


Injury Management

Both professional athletes, as well as those who exercise at high intensity quite regularly, turn to Cryotherapy to assist in speeding up the muscle recovery process and reduce delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS). By exposing themselves to an extreme cold temperature for a short period of time, the rate at which oxygen-rich blood flows through muscles in the body is significantly increased. This is both a safe and natural way to reduce inflammation, accelerating the healing process of damaged soft tissue and sore joints.

Improved alertness

Cryotherapy causes the release of adrenaline, as your body enters it’s flight or fight mode. This can significantly increase energy levels, and aid in feeling more alert, reactive and refreshed.

Improved mental health

This is one benefit that I was really intrigued the learn more about. During a Cryotherapy session, the body’s natural reaction to the instant cold rush is to release “feel-good hormones”. These can leave you with a feeling of euphoria for hours post your treatment, and can assist with symptoms of depression and other mood related disorders. Because the treatment leaves your body feeling refreshed and energized, your mental health replicates that.

Other benefits of Cryotherapy include improved immune health, pain relief, improved skin appearance and feel & weight loss.


This was one of those experiences where you go in knowing little about what to expect, and come out knowing that you’re going to be a regular!

When I arrived at CRYOSPA Canberra yesterday afternoon, I was feeling a little nervous, but super excited to experience this new technology that is a first for Canberra.

As soon as I walked into the CRYOSPA, I felt an instant state of calm (and it was even quite chilly too!). As the CRYOSPA treatments only run for 3 minutes, you’ll generally only find yourself in there all up for a total of 10 minutes, which is great.

Upon entry I was lead to a change room, fit with facilitates in which I could get changed into a super comfy robe, and prep myself for my treatment.

When entering the CRYOSPA you’re expected to just wear underwear and socks, with gloves and ugg boots provided as well.

The whole vibe of the CRYOSPA is quite fresh and relaxed, which definitely helps prepare you for what your body is about to experience!

Upon entering the CRYOSAUNA treatment room, I was greeted by the large sauna, which looked super complex, but intriguing.

CRYOSPA Owner David, took me through step by step of what would be happening, and what to expect,  as well as some tips to keep in mind whilst inside the sauna such as, keeping your head above the liquid nitrogen, and most importantly, to breathe.

After the brief consultation, I stepped into the CRYOSAUNA and was elevated upwards, so just my head poked out of the top.

Then, the temperature was gradually reduced across 3 minutes to a very safe -150°c. At first I thought that it wasn’t that cold, and it helped that David and I were able to chat, to keep my mind off the freezing temps.

Then for the last minute, as it reached the coldest temperature, I began to shiver slightly and felt the light pins and my legs. Before I knew it, the 3 minutes were up, and I honestly felt I could have gone for longer!

I stepped out of the CRYOSPA, and quickly popped the robe back on to aid in getting my body back to it’s natural temperature. I noticed that my legs were freezing cold, but my chest was warm as my heart was quite beating fast.

David instructed me to do some light squats, and move my body around to aid in this recovery process. During the treatment I learnt that 3 minutes in the CRYOSPA is the equivalent of going for a 5km run!

Then, I was guided back to my room to get changed. I’m not joking when I say that straight afterwards my head felt so much clearer, I was alert AND my clothes even felt lighter. I was instructed to drink plenty of water, as well as observe the difference I would feel in 24 hours, and wow, did I feel a difference!

Before entering the CRYOSAUNA I felt fuzzy headed, tired, lethargic, and quite sore in my lower limbs. However post the treatment I was almost bouncing off the walls, felt super alert and probably had one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!

The final verdict? I absolutely loved it, and will most definitely be back again! 

Click here to learn more about the CRYOSPA treatments, as well as any FAQ’s that you may have about the whole process.

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