Winter is upon us.

Does anyone else feel that we were suddenly hit with freezing weather this morning? My weather app is telling me it was -4 degrees at 7am, sounds about right!

There was frost on the car too, which is never a good sign meaning that winter IS well and truly on it’s way…

Soon enough, we’ll start seeing half of our Facebook friend list overseas in Europe on summer adventures, whilst the rest of us sit and freeze in the cool conditions!

So, in order to avoid feeling down and suffering from FOMO whilst your entire Facebook friends list is overseas this winter, I have put together 7 things you can do to survive these months, without having to travel halfway across the world.



Plan a holiday that takes you away for the weekend or for a couple of days.

Whether it be down the coast, up to the snow or even to a small country town – take a small trip away and get some R&R. It’s a great way to break up the weekends.

If you’re tight on cash, then try and have a ‘stay-cation’ at a hotel that’s in your city. Believe me, you’ll enjoy having some time away from home being fancy! Sure it’s not Europe, but it’s getting you away from the day to day routine.

Some great getaway destinations that I like to head to include: Jervis Bay, Bowral and up to Byron Bay!



We all know it’s a lot harder to stay active and fit throughout the cooler months. Our motivation and drive is low, and the cooler the weather is, the more inclined we are to want to stay inside with the heater on full blast.

However, as much as this is a temptation, it’s extremely important to stay active and moving throughout winter. Whether you join a gym, take some new classes, or start a daily running schedule – try something new in winter that you know will be worth dragging yourself out of bed for.

Personally, I exercise both in the morning and evening, but I shake it up each day. Each morning, I’ll head to my local F45, and in the afternoons I’ll either do a Pilates reformer class, go for a run, or do some yoga. It’s super important to mix up your exercise regime in winter, so that you avoid getting stuck in an exercise rut!


Winter isn’t exactly the happiest of seasons, and the sun doesn’t always come out to play.

However when it does, you should take full advantage of it! This means taking your lunch breaks outside (so what if it’s cold, wear a jacket!), or even going for a walk after work – just so that you can get some Vitamin D and fresh air.

Beautiful Canberra in the early morning


I’m not the biggest fan of cooking, but in winter, I seem to bake and experiment a lot more in the kitchen.

Stews, soups and slow cooked meals are always great at this time of year, as are delicious cakes and goodies. Why not dedicate a Sunday afternoon to cooking a delicious meal for your family, or baking some goods for your work colleagues to take in on Monday? You know everyone will love you for it! Head to my friend Georgia’s blog for some delicious recipes!

Healthy banana bread - I make it every Sunday afternoon!


I think this is a really important one, especially at this time of year. If you can spare a couple of hours a week, then look into dedicating that time to helping those in need.

There are a variety of charities and groups that really do suffer during the cooler months, so instead of spending your evenings or Sunday afternoons at home, dig deep and provide some assistance. You never know who you may meet, or the lives you may change.


This winter, myself and a couple of my friends set a goal that we would run and compete in The Sun-Herald City2Surf again.

With the race happening on 13 August, we thought that the City2Surf (a 14km run), would be a great thing to train for in winter as it would keep us fit and warm. Doing something like this is great as you can set yourself training goals, and have something to look forward to.


If you can’t find the time or funds to take a mini vacay, then treat yourself by booking in a relaxing massage or pamper session. During this time of year your skin tends to get quite dry and dehydrated, so it’s actually a good idea to treat yourself with some skin loving treatments, to keep it hydrated and revitalised.

Alternatively, get into a routine of buying a fresh bunch of flowers every week – these will instantly brighten up your home and your mood, and they are affordable.

Fresh blooms purchased the the Old Bus Depot markets!

Being raised in Canberra and having suffered through many winter’s, I think it’s safe to say I now know how to survive the worst part of the year – but it has taken me a while!

What do you do to survive the cooler months?