On Saturday morning I attended the Canberra Centre Nutrition Masterclass, presented by Nutritionist and founder of wellness blog Brown Paper Bag, Jacqueline Alwill.

During her masterclass, which was emceed by the wonderful Sarah Kelly, Jacqueline shared a wealth of knowledge on the four pillars of holistic health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and revealed her tips and tricks to get us inspired to be balanced in all aspects of health and lifestyle.


I decided to bring my Mum along to this event, as I’ve sloooooowly been trying to get her more interested in learning about the benefits of wellness and living a holistic lifestyle. Even though she claims that a lot of the time what I tell her about health and nutrition is “a load of rubbish”, she admitted that she actually really enjoyed the masterclass, and took some key points out of it!


Because I learnt so much from the masterclass, I thought I’d list a few helpful points below that I took away from the session.

  • Jacqueline talked a lot about the concept of being “busy”, and how it is often something that we say to one another alllll the time when asked how we are, or what we have been up to. It’s important that we stop using this term “busy” as a way to define who we are. She made a good point that sometimes, we make ourselves busier than what we need to be, and eventually run ourselves into the ground. What’s important is that we determine how much “busyness” our bodies can take, and learn to adjust our lifestyles and packed schedules depending on how we feel.
  • This leads onto the point that we should learn to say more NO’s then YES’s – in order to ensure our lives aren’t filled with doing tasks for others that we aren’t gaining any benefit out of. This topic of the masterclass definitely resonated with me well, as I am most certainly someone that says YES to everything, because I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). What I am slowly learning how to do, is only say YES to things that I know deep down I will enjoy, and feel benefit from, and NO to things that I know may not be worth my time.
  • Striving for a balanced diet is key. I personally practice the 80/20 rule when it comes to healthy eating, and ensure that I never 100% cut anything out, only reduce it when I feel like a particular food group isn’t working for me. I am primarily gluten and dairy free, however will always allow myself lenience’s depending on the occasion.
  • It’s super important to allow yourself time to breathe, whenever you’re experiencing a moment of stress, worry or anxiety. Jacqueline went through a really good way of diaphragmatic breathing, whereby you encourage yourself to breathe from your diaphragm in for 6 seconds, and out for 6 seconds, 6 times over. This then allows yourself some time out from your stress or anxiety, and gives yourself a moment to think and act properly, minus the stress.

I like to think that I’m pretty in tune with my body, and know what works and what doesn’t for it.

I’ve written before about my mental health story, and outlined that one way in which I tackle anxiety and mental health issues is through eating well and exercising often.

Throughout the masterclass, Jacqueline touched on the concept of healthy eating and exercising often, as being a key way in which you can look after your body well. She expressed that it doesn’t need to be something that you obsess over, or change dramatically overnight, and more that practicing a healthy eating and exercise routine, gradually and slowly will set you up on a steady path of reaching optimum health.




Overall attending the masterclass was a fantastic way to start the weekend, and I genuinely felt that I learnt quite a lot. It also felt like a great way to re set after a hectic week at work, and in my personal life.

Thanks to Jacqueline and Canberra Centre for inviting me along!

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