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When I was in the nitty gritty of Year 12, and it came to the point of applying for further study and deciding what I was going to do with my future, I was seriously worried that I had no direction, and no idea where I saw myself in 5-10 year’s time.

My grades weren’t the best (too much procrastinating meant that I prioritised my social life and social media over study!), and this meant that there was a chance that I wouldn’t get into University. Back then (this was 7 years ago), there was a fair bit of pressure coming from a variety of angles, to go to University.

Back then, there weren’t too many options for those who didn’t make it into their preferred course at University.

Whilst I did get accepted, was able to study my preferred course of PR & Arts for 4 years (and loved it!), and also undertake a student exchange program overseas, I know many others that had little to no options if they didn’t make it into University.

Flash forward 7 years, and now the options for after you finish school are endless! There are a variety of courses that you can undertake straight from school, or post University study, which means that we have more choice and more time to really work out our path in life.

Now that I have finished my full time University study, my focus has shifted to upskilling, and seeing what other qualifications and experience I can get that will help boost my career. This is why I have teamed up with TAFE NSW to showcase the great courses that they have on offer.

TAFE NSW offers affordable courses (over 1,200 in fact!), that range from certificates to degrees, and offer flexible arrangements, so that you can study when and where it suits you whether it be online or at one of their 130 NSW campuses.

With a strong focus on fashion, technology, business and online learning, I was so surprised to see just how many courses TAFE NSW offer in these fields, for those who are both fresh out of school, or like me and wanting to upskill, and learn as much as they can about the topics and areas that they are interested in.

For those with a keen interest in Fashion, TAFE NSW offers a range of popular courses including: Bachelor of Fashion Design, Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising, Diploma of Textile Design and Development, and many more.

If you’re like me and wanting to extend your knowledge of the digital world to grow and develop your business, then TAFE NSW’s Digital Information and Technology Courses, might be better suited to you. Some popular ones include: Diploma of Website Development, Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology, and an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis.

TAFE NSW offers nationally-recognised courses for every stage of your career. They’re passionate about applying a hands-on approach to training, and helping each of their students reach their career ambitions.

Whether you’re like me and already have a couple of Degrees under your belt, and are wanting to extend your knowledge, or if you’ve just finished Year 12 and want to study somewhere that teaches you practical skills and gives you work experience so you are job ready; seriously consider looking into a course with TAFE NSW.

Now is your chance to be ambitious, and be whatever you want to be!

With Semester 2 starting on 17 July, apply now to secure your place.

Created in collaboration with TAFE NSW. All words, opinions, styling & creative direction are my own.

Photography by, with photo shoot taking place at TAFE NSW Queanbeyan Campus.