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I have lived in Canberra all my life, and over time I have grown to love and appreciate this city more and more.

When anyone asks me why I decided to stay here after so many of my friends left after we finished school, I tell them that the reason I was able to build my blog and my business is because of the incredible Canberra community. 

The way in which we are all made to feel so welcome, and the fact that anyone who wants to follow their dreams here can do so, is the reason why I love calling Canberra home. 

I grew up living on the south-side of Canberra, and now that I’m living out of home have remained in the same area (just a little closer to the city). 

For a while now I’ve wanted to share with you all some of my favourite regions in Canberra that I know and love. 

This is why I jumped at the opportunity to do so when Team Burke approached me to work with them to showcase to you various Canberra suburbs and all the amazing things that they hold!

To start this Explore Canberra series off, I’ve decided to share with you how to spend a morning in Weston Creek.

Weston Creek has forever been a part of Canberra that I’ve always loved. Being super close to where I live now, it’s become a district that I visit often for anything and everything that I need. 

Situated to the west of the Woden Valley, Weston Creek has a fantastic community feel. 

With a bustling shopping centre (Cooleman Court), and main street filled with a range of dining options, it really is a place where you could spend a good morning exploring. 

Not to mention the fact that the area is also home to some of Canberra’s best walking spots and nature reserves! 

So, how exactly should one spend a morning in Weston Creek? Well, take a look below!



Located on Brierly Street, Lava is an extremely friendly and efficient cafe, with a fantastic atmosphere.

It’s not a crowded space, which makes it great for your morning coffee, and I love that the staff are always so passionate and ready to give you the best service and coffee that they can!

Sitting in the sun with a delicious coffee and pastry (in my opinion), is the perfect way to spend a morning. They have a fantastic range of breakfast and lunch options as well, and parking is easy – making it a stress free place to visit! 


Cooleman Court has been one of my local shopping centres since before I can remember! It’s here where you’ll find a variety of stores ranging from fresh product, to clothing, homewares and other necessities! 

Home & Giving

I am a sucker for any gift shop – no matter where it is! Home & Giving is a unique store which stocks a large variety of homewares, gifts, craft supplies, framed pictures, candles and lot’s more!

My eye (as always) was particularly drawn to their range of artificial flowers, as I’ve been on the hunt for some that look as real as possible minus the price tag, for a long time!

I was pleasantly surprised by the large variety that was on offer in this store, and I think you will be too! This is the perfect gift store to visit whenever you are next at Cooleman Court. 


If you’re a regular at Cooleman Court then you’ll know Freddy Frapples. 

Freddy Frapples is a locally owned family business and have been at Cooleman Court for 25 years. The owner Michael and his team love fresh, tasty food so at Freddy Frapples you can pick up the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables, a gourmet salad or a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Most of the products are sourced locally from chosen Australian suppliers, but if you look closely at the shelves there are lots of delicious authentic Greek products, shipped all the way from Greece to Sydney.

It is here where I regularly pickup a fresh watermelon and mint juice or fruit salad. 


Who agrees that no visit to any shopping centre is complete without trying on a pair of shoes?

Whilst there is a large variety of clothing stores in Cooleman Court, their FSW stocks a surprisingly large range of new season styles for both men and women.


Miss Moss Florals

I’m a massive advocate for shopping and supporting local businesses. 

As soon as you step foot inside Miss Moss Florals you’ll see exactly why its just so popular with the locals! It’s one of those florists where you can truly tell there is passion behind all that they do. 

They source materials from local growers, gardeners and farms, ensuring a fresh and long lasting result, and offer a range of floral arrangements, bouquets, gift boxes and terrariums. Not to mention they also have a range of cute homewares and gifts as well! 


Complete the Mount Stromlo Heritage Trail

Located towards the back of Weston Creek, the Mount Stromlo Heritage Trail walk is a great opportunity to take in the natural beauty of Mount Stromlo and the stunning views over Canberra. 

Taking approximately 30 minutes to complete by foot, its also has 12 interpretive signs which combined provide a comprehensive history of the Mt Stromlo Observatory. It’s a fantastic place to walk mid morning, or even in the late afternoon! 

So, whether its spending the morning getting a delicious coffee and pastry from Lava, shopping in Cooleman Court, supporting local businesses like Miss Moss Florals, or getting a natural hit at Mount Stromlo, there really is so much on offer in Weston Creek! 


When deciding on where to live, selling your home and relocating has the potential to be one of the most challenging and stressful times in your life, and without the right help, it can be just that. 

Thats why I’ve joined forces with Team Burke to work with them on showcasing to you, different areas and regions of Canberra. 

Team Burke from Luton Properties were voted #1 in customer service by their clients, and have sold over $375,000,000 worth of property in Canberra and its surrounding regions. 

As a team Tim and Justine are supported by their associate agent Tom Beinke and Assistant Julia Atkinson.

When it comes to choosing an agent to handle your real estate needs, you can count on Tim Burke to look after you. Tim aims to exceed your expectations with his honest approach and ability to understand and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in any market conditions. 

Working as a team with his wife Justine to provide an unrivalled level of service, you can be assured that as clients of theres, you will be well and truly looked after. 

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