You guys know me by now –  I LOVE to try new experiences.

Whether it be immersing myself in a fine liquid nitrogen mist of up to -150°c at Cryospa Canberra, or getting full body exfoliation’s in Bali whilst half naked (more on this to come in my Bali blog post), I am an avid fan of jumping straight in and trying the latest health, beauty or fitness craze to see if it’s fit for me, and for you; my followers.

The latest experience that I tried a couple of weeks ago was flotation therapy with PureZen Float Therapy Canberra.

What’s float therapy I hear you ask? Great question.

Essentially, flotation therapy involves floating in a private pod which is filled with 600 litres of water and 500kg of Epsom salts. The combination creates a solution so buoyant that it’s impossible to sink.

Inside your pod, air and water is carefully controlled at skin temperature, and as you float; you lose sense of where your body ends, and the water begins.

Sound magical? Well it most certainly is!


Flotation therapy has a wide range of benefits including:

– Pain relief;

– Improved injury recovery times;

– Promotes relaxation, meditation and assists with stress relief;

– Enhances creativity to improve focus and revitalise the mind, body and soul; and

– Can assist in easing anxiety or assist with depression


As with all new experiences, I go in with an open mind, and limited expectations. In this case, I went in not knowing what to expect at all, and came out knowing that I wanted to go straight back in!

The Pure Zen Flotation therapy centre is a custom designed facility purpose built to create and offer the perfect float experience.

When it comes to their selection of float therapy vessel, Pure Zen only use the “Dream Pod”. Designed and built by one of the float industries leading companies, the sleek and modern “Dream Pod” is one of the most advanced pods available today and features an ultra-hygienic 5 way cleaning system that automatically cleans and filters the pod between EVERY float.

After receiving the initial run down of how to approach the floating session via a very informative video screening, I was shown to my private therapy room. Here, I was instructed to place some ear plugs in, shower in my own private shower, wash my hair with shampoo, and then hop into the brightly lit, colourful pod and close the door.

As I lay down in the water, I was instantly floating.

Deep, soulful music was playing for the first 5-10 minutes or so, and then I was able to either leave the pod lights on, or lie in complete darkness.

The pod is light and soundproof, and is big enough to not make you feel claustrophobic at all. Inside the pod is an emergency button – encase you need some help from the staff, and a button that you can control the internal pod lights with. I suggest leaving these lights on for the first few minutes of your float, so that you can get familiar with the space.

They also provide handy neck pillows, which I used for my entire float – these are super comfortable, trust me. Once I was comfortable, it was time to relax and unwind. To be honest, I found it super hard to do this at first, but after around 30 minutes – I found myself dozing in and out of sleep!

Post float, you then shower, condition your hair and get changed! PureZen have a fantastic hair drying and makeup station that features Dyson hair dryers, a large lighted Hollywood mirror, toilet facilities, vanity and other essential items.

Guests are then invited to relax in PureZen’s chill out lounge, which is a great space that you can use to gather your thoughts, before entering back out into the world. I loved this chill out lounge, and wish I could have spent longer in there.

It’s in here where you will find books on meditation and flotation as well as writing materials should you feel the need to record an idea, a thought or a feeling. The chill out lounge is a place that exists between floating and the real world.


I will admit that I find it very hard to relax and unwind, particularly when it comes to meditation and relaxing exercises, such as flotation therapy.

However, while my brain definitely didn’t switch off until at least 30 minutes after being in the pod, I still felt relaxed afterward the session.

Very relaxed actually. Like I was floating on a cloud for the rest of the evening in fact!

I left PureZen feeling relaxed yet energised; calm yet focused. As for my sleep that night – I didn’t wake up throughout the night once, and felt that I had one of the deepest sleeps of my life!

I’ll definitely keep floating, and actually have another session booked in a couple of weeks time, so am keen to see how I go.

Thank you very much to Dave and the team at PureZen Float Therapy Canberra for the incredible experience.


The PureZen team have kindly donated a PureZen flotation therapy gift voucher to one of my lucky readers!!! If you would like to win this – head to my Instagram page to enter!

I was a guest of PureZen.