With a weekend away in Sydney organised; accommodation booked at QT Sydney (more on that to come), as well as a heap of shopping in mind, all that is left to do is pack.

I used to be TERRIBLE at packing. This is coming from the girl who once packed far too much that I had to post clothes home…

When that happened I knew that I had to start to learn to just pack the essentials, and plan my outfits.

For those of you like me that seriously struggle to plan and pack properly even if it’s just for a weekend away; this post is for you.

The first golden rule when it comes to packing, is to pack for the days that you are travelling, plus one. 

This one extra day is to account for any emergencies that may require you to do an outfit change.

In my case; I will be travelling for 3 days, 2 nights so will require 3 day outfits. 2 evening outfits, plus one extra just in case.

Plan ahead your outfits. 

This means physically getting your clothes out, laying them on your bed, and even trying them on to see what best fits together.

If you know you’re going to be time poor whilst travelling, then pre iron the clothing items before and pack them in order of days travelling. Weekend trips away generally mean that you’ll only need 2 pairs of shoes, plus a pair of heels for the evening if required. Don’t pack more than what you truly know you will wear.

Accessories are key to mixing up outfits on short trips away.

If you really only want to pack basic jeans and tee’s, then jazz the outfit up with accessories.

Statement necklaces, cuffs, scarves and hats will add style to any outfit, and these accessories can be taken to the next day’s outfit as well. Plus, a scarf is great for if you’re travelling on a cold aircraft or in the car.

– Blazers are great for quick city breaks. They can be worn throughout the day or evening, and can easily dress an outfit up depending on the occasion. Pack one in a colour that you know will go with the majority of your outfits for the weekend.

– If you know you’ll be heading out for drinks or a fancy dinner while you’re away then pack just one clutch for that occasion. A clutch is also fun for day wear when you don’t feel like hauling around your big handbag.

– All items that you pack should go together, as this will give you endless clothing options throughout your time away.

When packing items into your suitcase: 

– Shoes should always be placed on the bottom of the suitcase. I like to place mine in their dust bags, or plastic bags to ensure that they don’t get mixed in with other clothes. Wrapping bags around them will also aid in keeping their shape whilst in transit.

– If you’re packing a hat, make sure it is also on the bottom of the suitcase. Place the hat on its top on the bottom of the bag, and pack clothes around it so that is can keep its shape. Its also a good idea to pop a scarf or other clothing item inside the head section of the hat.

– Use smaller items such as pajamas and singlets to stuff into the empty sections of your bag. These items don’t always need to placed on top or folded nicely inside the bag.

– Delicate items should always be folded on top of the suitcase, and if necessary, protect them in a dry cleaning bag.

A simple rule before you pack, is to check the weather forecast for your destination. This will determine the types of garments you need to pack and whether you will require coats, jackets, umbrellas etc.

Remember that you’re only going to be away for a weekend and although I’m sure that you’re thinking that you need to pack for any sort of situation possible whether it be a hurricane, mass flood or heat wave; you really don’t need to over do it.

Plan your outfits and pack a few extra’s, and you’ll be amazed at how light your suitcase is, and how much extra room you have for shopping!

What are your tricks to packing for a weekend away?