We have been very blessed in Canberra this year with having some incredible names in health, fashion, beauty and wellness visit the Canberra Centre to share their expertise, knowledge and experience.

This coming Saturday 26 August, Amy Erbacher, a qualified beauty therapist, skilled clinical aromatherapist and life coach in training will be holding a beauty masterclass.

During her beauty masterclass, she will share her advice for how to create your own bespoke skincare regimen. Amy will also be demonstrating an easy natural makeup look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

We were lucky enough to have 5 minutes with Amy, where we asked her all about beauty and wellness, and found out how important it is to be at peace with your mind, body and soul.

Amy, how did an interest in beauty and wellness develop into a full time career and business?

Since the age of fifteen, I’ve had a life in the media, so I was ready for a change in my career. I’ve always been creative and love using my hands to create, for me it’s my meditation. In my teen years you would find me always in the kitchen mixing up different natural remedies. This was instilled in me from a young age. My mother used to put chamomile tea in my hair to make it shiny and blonde. I also suffered from hormonal breakouts around my chin and my mum would always apply chamomile lotion to soothe my skin.

 How do you stay at peace with your mind, body and soul?

Being creative, for me is my meditation. I love art, more abstract art and this followed through to my bespoke treatments I make for my clients. I handcraft natural beauty products accordingly to my clients particular skin condition along with using essential oils to also create a sense of peace and wellbeing for my clients.

I can’t describe it, even more so now I’m studying a natural skincare formulations diploma and I truly love creating. My mind is focused on products only, the oils, and the blends, writing a concept story from start to finish is my escapism. The delightful aromas of working with natural ingredients are almost euphoric. I truly love making and creating.

I also love to read, biographies, cosmetic ingredient books,  for me it’s mainly research about the benefits of ingredients and how particular ingredients synergise together and so forth. I also love to read self-help books that inspire me and keep me grounded and strong through life’s ups and downs.

What are your Top 5 must have beauty products?

  • Sunscreen
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser

Gee this is only my skin care routine, I haven’t even included my body rituals and simple make- up regime! I try to keep my beauty rituals simple and only use what I need. Less is more in my philosophy in regards to treating the skin.

What’s your biggest beauty secret?

I don’t bake myself in the sun. A little sun is great and has so many health benefits. Today’s rays are so strong, not only can the sun rays speed up premature ageing it’s too much of a health risk for me. I’ve already had four cancerous moles cut out. It I wish to have a golden glow, I fake it with an organic fake tan.

What is one beauty item you don’t go without using every day? 

A tinted foundation/ sunscreen all in one. Can I say two? A great lippy pink/ orange/ red can make all the difference to brighten up your complexion and it makes me feel good too.

What are some non-negotiable beauty/wellness rituals that you have? i.e regular facials etc

Oh I loooove my spa treatments. Since the birth of my little bubba and our recent move to the country it’s hard for me organize a morning at a spa. We don’t have family here and we don’t know many people so it can be challenging at times. When I see my family in Queensland my parents babysit my daughter and this is how I manage to have treatments. My partner has also been working seven-day weeks so at the moment we are both flat strap!

This is how my idea and concept came about for my eBook I’m currently working on and country wellness retreats. It’s so very important we as women take time out for us. I’m working on at home self care regimes that women can practice in the comfort of their own home. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s amazing what you can do with only a few products. I’ll share a few natural formulations of how to make spa products that you can use for a few treatments.

Self-care isn’t selfish and the practice is much more deep then just slathering on products. Self care and self-love is for our mind and over all well being. I teach rituals for lasting positive change that will have you smiling back in the mirror at you.

What does a typical day for you involve?

6am- 7.30am: Wake up to my beautiful daughter Rose Grace. Change her and get her ready for the morning, this also includes the family breakfast and my much needed caffeine fix!

7.30am: Go over my emails on my phone whilst having my coffee. Rose play is the playroom

8am: I start work in front of my main desk + Practical hands on work attending to my online shop skincare orders, packing products up to be shipped nationally.

I moved my computer to our lounge room so I can watch Rose and work at the same time. I have to be truly patient as Rose is 17 months and at this age she really wants my undivided attention. But this has taught me a lot about productivity and to be patient and most of all to be grateful. I’m also lucky that I can work and be with Rose at the same time.

LUNCH 12.30-1.30pm

+ Formulating products, writing concepts and themes for new collections. Experiencing with natural ingredients, research.

+Life coaching certification- Two months till I graduate. It’s an online course, I’m so grateful as I connect with other like-minded women. I listen to and participate in online web seminars, participate and engage in online content and going through my coaching textbooks and so forth.

+Planning retreats/ workshops/ alignments

4.00pm: Afternoon walk or at home online yoga session.

5.30pm: Prepare family dinner, bath Rose.

7.30pm SOME ME TIME!. Catch up with my partner over our day and finally have a relaxing bath with Epson salts and essential oils. Listen to positive and uplifting and inspiring podcasts. If I’m too tired for a bath- I’ll shower and then perform body rituals whilst rubbing and massing relaxing body oils over my body to relax and unwind from my day. Have a herbal tea in bed and read a book.

9.30pm lights out! Or before!

What is a life mantra that you live by?

Life is short. Live everyday like it was your last.

Do what you love. Follow your passion.

Practice self-compassion.

What is next for Amy Erbacher?

A Self Care Ebook packed with self care rituals and natural recipes. I will be a Women’s Self Relationship coach by October this year. Creating new page on my website where I can offer my coaching services and new treatment menus.

Hand crafting natural perfume elixirs to support women’s emotions and wellness and creating natural skincare and lifestyle collections. I will incorporate the products in my wellbeing treatments along with selling collections online and at local and national boutiques.

More online engagement with my clients such as women self care support groups and so forth.

Amy will be coming to the Canberra Centre this Saturday 26 August for a skincare wellness masterclass!

When: Saturday 26 August 11am–12pm / Where: Ground Level, Monaro Mall/ Book: Secure your ticket through Eventbrite.

Learn more about Amy via her website