I love exercising. Twice a day, every day you’ll generally see me either walking my dog Rex, heading to the gym at 5.30am, attending a yoga class, or attempting some form of a HIIT session.

For me, working out soothes my soul and keeps my mind happy. Call me crazy, but exercising is a really important part of my daily routine.

Having suffered from anxiety since I was in high school, it has taken me a few years to work out that exercise is one of the BEST forms of medication for me. We all know that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel like you can conquer anything – and when I get that feeling, I feel REALLY good on the inside.

I wouldn’t say that I am obsessed with exercising, but I am pretty strict with my workout routines, and will rarely miss a session. This is mainly for fear that I know what my mind set will be like, if I don’t do some form of exercise (of course, there are other health benefits that I enjoy from working out as well!)

Having the right workout gear is imperative if you want to work out properly, and it’s funny how powerful and influential the right exercise gear can have on your workout routine.

Active wear needs to fit you well, be made from quality materials, be appealing and actually make you want to work out. Most importantly however; it needs to be comfortable for your body.

Finding workout gear that you are happy to wear whilst running around outside, lifting weights in the gym, or doing a downward dog in; can be difficult. There are so many styles, sizes and brands to choose from, and shopping for these styles can easily become overwhelming.

I am a firm believer in purchasing quality workout gear. This means that this can be quite costly (but in the long run, you will be saving yourself money).


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Here are some tips tips on how to find the best workout gear for you:

  • Comfort really is key when looking for activewear. I tend to avoid rough fabrics, and those that I know will irritate my skin when I sweat. I recommend you choose materials that let you move and don’t constrict you. Also, look for items that have a small percentage of spandex, as this allows for greater range of motion during exercise, as well providing comfort without being too tight.
  • Think about what activewear is going to be appropriate for the type of exercise you will be partaking in. Flowing tops aren’t suitable for yoga, nor are shirts with sleeves, as this will distribute your range of movement, and baggy pants just won’t work for cycling or spinning classes. Always think about the style of activity you will be partaking in before you purchase.
  • Try before you buy. I think this one if pretty self explanatory, but it is really important.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, look for activewear that has a polyester/Lycra blend – or another type of synthetic material. These types of materials will keep you warm in winter, and will cool you down in summer – and they’ll dry quickly which is also important.
  • You will feel more comfortable with yourself if you wear an outfit that makes you feel and look good, and if you feel good about yourself, then you will be inclined to workout more often.
  • Remember that clothing trends come and go, but basics will always remain a staple. So, purchase a few pairs of leggings or tights, as well as some basic singlets and tops – and then style up your look with accessories, jumpers, jackets etc.

Check out some of the winter workout gear that I am currently coveting. These pieces can easily take you from yoga, to pilates in the park, to a 10 km hike! 

activewearTops & Crops: The Upside // The Upside // The Upside // Adidas by Stella McCartney

Tights: Jaggad // Adidas by Stella McCartney// The Upside // Nike

So, what workout gear gets you motivated for your morning run?