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TAFE NSW is Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training with over 500,000 enrolments each year. Their ambition is to be the brand in global demand to build skills for success in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

TAFE NSW offers the best of campus-based delivery as well as flexible, online and work-based learning.

What I have learnt from my recent work with TAFE NSW, is that they as an education provider are 100% committed to connecting their students with the industry through delivering training to businesses, providing graduate recruitment and working in partnership.

TAFE NSW partners with hundreds of businesses from a variety of career functions, from small businesses to multinationals, meaning they can provide their students with on-the-job experience to prepare them for the workforce.

I don’t know about you, but when I study various courses, I expect to have the opportunity to learn AS MUCH as I can about what I am studying, as well as be provided with as much on-the-job knowledge and experience as I can, so that I am prepared for the workforce.

With over 1,200 courses on offer at a range of campuses around NSW, TAFE NSW are committed to providing their students with the relevant experience needed for their transition into the workforce.

If you read my previous post about What I Learnt from the Visual Merchandising Team at TAFE NSW, you would have learnt how committed the Visual Merchandising team at TAFE NSW are to providing their students with as much experience and on-the-job training and knowledge as they can, so that they can excel outside in their careers and in the workforce.

The TAFE NSW Visual Merchandising faculty have a team of dedicated enthusiastic creative staff who retain their industry currency through continued involvement in the industry both here in Australia and internationally and they regularly arrange for presentations to the students by industry specialists sourced both within Australia and internationally.

Learn more about the experience and on-the-job training you can get from the Visual Merchandising course at TAFE NSW in my short interview with Nikki from the TAFE NSW Visual Merchandising team below:

TAFE Video 2 from Jem Dak on Vimeo.

The more I spoke to Nikki about the training, experience and information seminars that the Visual Merchandising team offer to their students, the more I learnt about how job-ready the course, and all courses at TAFE NSW can make you.

I feel confident enough knowing that if I, or others that I know were to study with TAFE NSW, they would be provided with so much experience in their course, that they would not only very likely get a job straight out of studying, but they would excel at that particular job too!

TAFE NSW offers affordable courses, that range from certificates to degrees, and offer flexible arrangements, so that you can study when and where it suits you whether it be online or at one of their 130 NSW campuses.

TAFE NSW offers nationally-recognised courses for every stage of your career. They’re passionate about applying a hands-on approach to training, and helping each of their students reach their career ambitions.

You can check out the full range of Semester 2 courses at TAFE NSW here.