I love Instagram (pretty obvious isn’t it?).

Although I am no professional photographer, I have found that there are a variety of ways in which you can make your Instagram account shine, and stand out from others. Although I certainly am NOT a fan of over-editing images, and distorting images of any kind, I definitely do however enjoy making slight adjustments to the brightness, and sharpness of the images that I share on social media.

I love working with editing apps, and have learnt that the subtler the edit, the better. Although I’m not a total pro, I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way…


It really makes all the difference when you use a camera that is of good quality.

These days, iPhone’s and some Samsung’s have the capability to take decent photos (some that are even better than those on a camera). I tend to use my iPhone for the majority of my photos on Instagram, and I will use my SLR camera for photos on my blog. When I take an Instagram photo on my iPhone, I have my camera set to square mode – this way I don’t need to crop it for Instagram (yes, I know you don’t HAVE to use the square shape, but I like to the majority of the time). iPhone’s also have the ability to have a grid set on your camera, so that you can determine how to centre your photos – this is quite useful as well.


There are a variety of editing apps available at the moment. The specialised photo editing apps are the ones that work best, and provide the best images. Instead of using filters, I like to manually adjust the brightness, temperature, colours, strength and contrast of the image.

This makes the image stand out a lot more instead of completely changing it’s look – and actually enhances the photo.

Depending on the photo that I am editing, I generally I like to amp up the Brightness, increase the Contrast by at least 20%, de Saturate the image just a tad to ensure it’s not too bright, lower the Exposure, and then slightly adjust the Temperature. This may sound like a lot of work, but it you’re really wanting your feed to stand out – these are the steps that you need to take to ensure consistency in your photos.


I generally use a variety editing apps, depending on what I want to achieve with my images. Two of my most current favourites are VSCO and Afterlight. I find that both of these apps are simple to use, and provide me with the best results.

Generally I’ll hop onto Afterlight first and do a few touch ups, and then I’ll edit the photo again on VSCO to add some finishing touches.

Take a look at some of my editing transformations below.


I find that every day I tend to learn something new about editing and adjusting photos for Instagram.

Constantly I am scrolling through my Instagram feed to see if everything flows, and is presented how I like it. After all, it is a representation of my brand!

If you too want to use Instagram to promote you and your brand, then the way in which you approach editing your photos, is definitely important. I would love to hear if any of you have any other recommendations for apps etc – comment below, and let’s get chatting!

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