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Earlier in the week I shared with you a What I Wore post, which gave you a glimpse at some of the Larsen Jewellery range that I was lucky enough to experience recently in Sydney in the Strand Arcade.

Larsen Jewellery is a family owned business, established by Lars and Susie Larsen whose team of talented jewellers draw on more than 150 years of experience in the jewellery industry.

Established with a vision of providing customers direct access to a jewellery workshop to offer a combination of exquisite workmanship, personal service and competitive workshop prices, Larsen Jewellery is the first and only business in Australia to introduce the unique and innovative concept of making each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of an expert jeweller.

Now who agrees that this is the most beautiful concept ever?

I recently had a chance to sit down with Larsen Jewellery Senior Jeweller, Kate Reid where we discussed more about the Larsen brand, what makes it unique, as well as the Wedding Ring experience.


Kate, tell me about your design style. Where do you and your team gain inspiration from for the Larsen pieces?

We draw inspiration from so many places and it is very dependent on our client’s brief where we go to first. For example, if someone is looking for a vintage style ring, we may look at Pinterest or auction listings, but if someone is looking for something contemporary, the influences can be as broad as anything from sculptures to architecture.

We also have our own experience to draw on, perhaps we have made something in a similar style before or we can adapt a previous design in to something new. There really are no rules! Our clients have brought in everything from tattoo designs to paragraphs from a book as inspiration and we always do our very best to interpret them into something beautiful and unique.

What makes the Larsen jewellery pieces unique?

We specialise in custom made jewellery so most people find us because of our reputation for creating individual, bespoke designs. We rarely make two pieces the same, and often we are incorporating some subtle detail that links it to the individual who will wear it, maybe a symbolic shape in the side of the setting or sometimes it’s inscribed with special words from their one true love.

The centre stone can also make a piece unique, whether it is a beautifully cut diamond or a striking coloured stone, there are seldom two the same.


What have been some of the most significant pieces that you have produced?

We have made many pieces that remain close to our hearts but there are two that spring to mind as being the most significant. We made a stunning pair of diamond and tanzanite earrings which were auctioned in L.A. to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation, they sold for over $20,000. We are all so proud that we can support these amazing charities who do such incredible work year after year.

The other piece was a diamond ring we were privileged to make for The Bachelor TV series last year. It was designed with the input of The Bachelor, Matty J, himself to gift along with his final rose. It was a beautiful 1.30ct oval diamond with tiny claw set diamonds around the band.

 What does the Larsen team pride itself on?

We pride ourselves on our personal service and quality workmanship. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our custom made pieces to ensure they will stand the test of time. All of our professional jewellers have many years’ experience and take great care to create designs that are beautifully elegant yet resilient. We are all jewellers and pride ourselves personalising the designs and educating our clients to make an informed choice rather than using pushy sales tactics.


What materials and techniques do you favour in using?

This is a really interesting question and I think my fellow jewellers could all answer this differently. I personally love working in platinum or 18ct white gold and using traditional techniques to create detailed, filigree components. I also really enjoy designing with unusual shaped, coloured gemstones. Conversely, some of my colleagues prefer working on large scale, modern designs incorporating progressive techniques such as 3D printing and laser welding. It is really inspiring to work with such a talented group of professional jewellers with such varied experience. We often work on pieces as a team so that every client gets the benefit of our collective knowledge and skills.

What are the trends you are seeing in fine jewellery productions?

Recently we have seen a rebirth of the three-stone ring, whether this is thanks to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we will never know but this classic style is back in a big way. The halo design rings are also still popular along with rose gold and super-fine wedding rings. The most popular coloured stone choices at the moment are sapphires and morganites with oval and cushion cuts being the most requested shapes.

Talk us through the Wedding Ring Experience, and how this can be a great experience for couples who are tying the knot?

The Wedding Ring Experience is really popular, and is such a fun and romantic thing for couples to do together in the lead up to their wedding.

We usually do a design appointment in the weeks or months prior where the specific designs are chosen and finalised. Almost any design is possible so this appointment takes the pressure off making fast decisions plus it allows time to ensure your dream rings will fit in to the wedding budget. After the design appointment, we book a time for you to come in and make your rings.

You will have a jeweller with you for the entire 4-5 hour appointment making sure that both rings are absolutely perfect, we guarantee the quality is not compromised at all by you making them yourselves. We encourage you to make each other’s rings so you can proudly wear a ring that was crafted by the one you love most for the rest of your life! We take heaps of photos, provide a light lunch and pop a bottle of bubbles at the end of the appointment so you can celebrate your achievement! If further features are to be added to you rings such as engraving or diamonds, your rings will be ready for collection a few weeks later along with your photos on a USB!


What I love about Larsen Jewellery is how personal they make your experience, especially for couples!

I was lucky enough to work with Kate on making my own ring when I was visiting the Larsen studio recently, and she is an absolute wealth of knowledge regarding all things jewellery design.

I look forward to sharing more of my collaboration with Larsen Jewellery with you, as well as details about my ring making experience!

Photography by simonarphotography.com