Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a style rut.

What’s a style rut you ask?

A style rut is a moment where you find yourself wearing the same style or same outfit over and over, while at the same time you feel bored, uninspired or just plain down about your wardrobe and your style.

If you feel like you’ve lost your creativity and care for what you wear, then you’re stuck in a style rut.

So, the next question is; how does one AVOID being stuck in a style rut?

Glad you asked, because here are 5 tips on how to avoid this exact scenario…

– Conduct a full wardrobe clean out. This is where you separate your clothes into categories – pieces you wear regularly, pieces you haven’t worn in the last 3 months, pieces you reserve for special occasions, and pieces that you have never worn.

Now, take a look at each of the items that are in your “pieces you wear regularly” pile and work out if there is a pattern – pay attention to any recurring themes you can find, as these are what might be causing your style rut.

– Gain some inspiration from various fashion magazines, websites and on social media. The more outfits you see, the more inspiration you will have for your own wardrobe. Sometimes even just seeing how a particular shirt is paired with pants, can get your mind creatively thinking about a similar outfit for yourself.

– Start small by gradually introducing small doses of colour, prints, patterns and variety into your style. This could be through accessories such as jewellery or shoes, or through a particular garment that you may consider to be wrong for you at first, but once you step out of your wardrobe comfort zone, you realise actually works for you!

-When it comes to changing up your wardrobe, make it a gradual change – that is, don’t go out and purchase a new wardrobe all at once. Why? Because you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed and will end up switching back to your comfort pieces. Gradually start adding new pieces into your wardrobe and incorporate them into your usual go-to pieces. Just make sure that these new pieces AREN’T the same styles as your usual pieces.

– Be ready to take risks with your wardrobe. You know that dress that you love that was in your “pieces you have never worn” pile? It’s time to dust it off and wear it with confidence!


Sometimes the rut can be caused purely by the fact that you may need to change up other personal style aspects. This could be with a new hairdo, bright lipstick or maybe a new way of doing your makeup.

Have you been stuck in a style rut recently? 

Image sourced via Pinterest.