People say that it’s hard to be fashionable in winter because you have to layer and layer and layer – and they’re right.

In the cooler months when you’d rather wear your pajamas and dressing gown to work, it’s hard to stay motivated to put together an outfit for the day.

To avoid this, and to also avoid being late to work BECAUSE you don’t want to get out of those pajamas, I’ve developed a a few ways to stay warm in winter, and still remain fashionable.

Jelinda Smith, Jason, Street Style-mosphere

1. Wear what you wore throughout summer, but with a slight adjustment. Call me crazy, but sometimes I wear summer clothes in winter.

Don’t just think you have to reserve summer clothes for the warmer months and winter clothes for the cooler months – you can mix and match them into all the seasons.

An example of this would be by wearing a summer style black capped sleeved dress, with a long sleeved white shirt underneath (see below). This way, you still get to show off your pins, but your arms are covered. Throw on a blazer or coat over the top, and off you go!


2. Purchase a pair (or a few pairs) of liquid leggings. Not only are they great for freezing night out, but they actually retain a lot of heat! I often wear mine to the office with a pair of brogues and a statement knit.

3. Faux fur is your friend, and yes you can all pull it off!

Don’t feel as though you need to do a Victoria Beckham and wear full faux fur head to toe, but you CAN add touches of it into your look whether it be as a collar on your coat (as seen below), or in scarf form.


I recently purchased a gorgeous black faux fur scarf from Designer Op Shop and it is equally warm as it is stylish! When wearing fur, try and keep the rest of your outfit simple as to not over-complicate the look.

4. As tempting as it is to hibernate in blacks and grays, throw on a bit of colour and be different. Trust me, it’ll brighten up your mood too! Opt for khaki or beige tones if you’re looking for a bit of colour but don’t want to go all out.

5. Cape’s are your friend this season. Why? Because you can wear literally whatever you want underneath (that pajama top maybe?) and no one will know! Capes are great for wearing with wide leg trousers to balance the volume on top.

6. Make scarves your friend, but forget the novelty ones. Novelty scarves are those tiny thin ones that literally do NOTHING for warmth. Stick to scarves in black, grey or white tones with checks, stripes and solid patterns.

So, do any of these tips motivate you to be a little more trendy this season?