I have some pretty big news to share with you all.

It’s something that’s been a LONG TIME coming – and something that I am scared sh*tless about too.

BUT, I’m also excited, nervous, and over the moon; aka a mix of emotions…

This week, I quit my full time job.

I was working for the past 16 months in a full time corporate communications role. This was a job that provided me with many opportunities to learn about communications and media, and I will take many learning’s and insights with me when I leave. It’s a job where I also made friendships, and memories- and it truly is a job that I will miss.

So, why did I quit my job exactly?

Well – believe it or not, I’m going to give this whole self employment thing a red hot go!

For most of this year I have been dreaming about building my business and growing my blog, and with all the incredible opportunities that I have been offered lately, I just couldn’t keep turning them down. So now, I’m finally doing it!

Mind you, I’ve also picked up some part time work with my local F45, which will help keep the money flowing (I’m all about having security!!).

The rest of my focus will shift to growing my social media management business – Dak & Co, as well as this blog. My goal, ever since my first year in University, was to eventually work for myself and be my own boss. To have flexible hours and to be able to multi task and do many projects, spanning across different industries and personal interests.

So what drew me to suddenly resigning from my very stable, full time job? 

Well, to be perfectly honest with you all – one day last week I suddenly had this really strong feeling and voice in my head that said “just do it”.

Just quit and work for yourself. Go and do what you really want to do, and don’t waste any more time.

Of course, these had been thoughts that I was thinking for a while, but I just didn’t know when the right time would be to follow them through.

But then I thought, when would the right time ever be? If I keep making excuses over why I shouldn’t do it, then I’ll never be 100% happy with what I’m doing.

I also know that I haven’t been giving this blog and my business the time it needs to grow and succeed as much as I want it to. And I know that as soon as my focus shifts solely to them both, they’ll grow in a heartbeat.

Now don’t get me wrong, full time work has been great – and I’ve learn’t a lot, but it wasn’t my passion. My passion was being only fueled when I had the time, and even then it wasn’t getting the love that it needed to grow!

Over the coming weeks while I transition from full time work to working predominantly for myself; I’ll be putting some big plans together.

Plans that include developing a consistent posting cycle for this blog, working on some very exciting and pinch-me collaborations, and other stuff too!

Let me just tell you that the rest of the year is going to be bloody amazing, and I can’t wait to have you all along for the ride!