So some of you know, and the majority of you probably don’t; but A Stylish Moment is my #SideHustle.

Whilst dedicating as much time as I can to my blog and developing it into a business, I also have a full time job in Communications. Whilst I love this job, and the people I work with; my blog is my side hustle where I can let my creative juices flow into something I’m 110% invested in and passionate about.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the Canberra Weekly all about my blog, what it was that inspired me to start blogging, and how I manage working full time and blogging full time (tip- it takes ALOT of organisation and utilising any spare moments in the day).

This is probably one of my favourite media interviews so far, so if you can; pickup your copy from one of the many stands in Canberra and have a read! If you’re not a local, have a read of the clip below.