Eyebrows – they’re such a statement feature on anyones face.

Growing up, I was also told by my Mum to NEVER pluck, wax or touch my own brows with any sort of hair removal implement. She had learn’t this the hard way when she was younger, as the trend was to have them super dooper thin.

Nowadays, the thicker and fuller – the better.

Generally I get my eyebrows waxed every 4-6 weeks. I have had them shaped before by my beautiful sister in law Stevie from Saint. Ella Beauty, but she lives too far away for regular brow shaping sessions.

Recently however, I realised that I needed to get my brows back on fleek, so I booked an appointment with the very talented ladies over at Browlab.

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Browlab was founded by Tegan Daley and Sianne Fitzsimons when the girls decided they wanted to offer clients in the Capital with a fresh and unique approach to beauty and brows. With over a decade of combined experience in brows and beauty, the pair have trained with the best in the business, and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Tegan and Sianne are experts and pride themselves in the art of re-growing, re-forming and re-establishing eyebrows that have either been over waxed, tweezed or over styled. They strongly believe in a natural low maintenance approach to brows that flatter your face and enhance your features.

Upon entering Browlab I was greeted by their gorgeous entranceway that channels their fresh and natural approach to beauty. The white walls, subtle greenery and open space instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. Once I ventured up the stairs, I was greeted by a large open plan room (which I was not expecting, but equally loved), and was literally blown way by the clean and sophisticated decor.

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Brow expert Carly was assigned to give me a brow revamp. I explained to Carly that I was looking to have a little more definition and shape to my brows, and that I felt I needed to grow them out a little more. Carly knew exactly what I wanted, and straight away worked her magic. Check out the end result!


After my appointment I had a quick chat with the lovely Sianne, Co Founder of Browlab. We chatted about where Browlab started, where it is now, and discussed why we should never follow brow trends.

Sianne, talk me through Browlab, where it all began to where it is now. 

Browlab was launched by Tegan and myself (Sianne). We were previously working for an international brow chain and an opportunity arose where we thought we could do it better! We wanted to treat clients like friends, not just as customers, and we wanted to properly educate them on their brows.

When we first started Browlab, Tegan and I were working full time elsewhere, and would open our little space at night from another store in Braddon. From there it took off. Tegan went full time, and then I soon followed. We moved to our new space, an open studio where we could integrate with our clients and form a community. We recruited Carly, whom we had worked with previously, and we always knew we wanted her onboard. We then found Lisa, who is amazing – both girls are so reliable and incredibly talented at what they do.

We LOVE our clients interacting with each other. We are all friends, and we are all family. Essentially, Browlab is an open space, with a community feel where we can educate our clients. Where are we now? We are always looking out for whats next – whether it be a collaboration, or another venture – but we also stay true to our philosophy of keeping it simple and having brows for life.

What was it like opening your own business in Canberra?

We took a very calculated risk opening Browlab, as Tegan and I were both gainfully employed elsewhere at the time that we started. We rented a very small space in our friends boutique, and we really couldn’t of started in a safer position. We started small and just grew from there and we had the opportunity to dip our toes into the market before we dived right in.

We began with absolutely no debt – and when we both went full-time, we never looked back! We are too young and we have the mindset to just do it and never look back.

Where did you find the inspiration for the interior of Browlab?

That was probably one of the biggest stresses – moving spaces. We started with just crates on the floor and mirrors and a few chairs. Previously, the room had purple walls and blue carpet, so we changed all that and went for a white, bright and open look. Over time we slowly started putting in pieces of furniture, and we always wanted it to be raw, simple and fun.

Decorating our space slowly has given us the opportunity to get it right and exactly how we like it. Right now our interior is very us and its perfect!

We left the downstairs section an open space because we do do pop up stores with local businesses occasionally. If at any point we do outgrow the top area, we still have the bottom space to grow and expand. We love being located in Braddon, and feel super lucky to have found Browlabs home here.

If you could sum up your everyday style in three words, what would they be? 

Simple, Comfortable, Practical. Generally myself and the girls are on our feet all day, and we don’t have a uniform as we like to keep it pretty casual. However in my wardrobe you’d be surprised to find that I own some pretty cool vintage pieces, but I never wear them!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Myself and Tegan have quite different roles. We both get into Browlab around 8-8.30 in the morning and we prep for the day ahead before the other girls arrive. Each morning I’ll check the calendar for the day, confirm appointments, follow up with clients, respond to emails and hop onto our social media accounts. I like to make sure the day looks clean.

I then go about meeting and greeting clients, answering calls and I am always searching for new opportunities. Essentially, I look after the back end of the business. Whilst Tegan is client based, I am more behind the scenes. Generally we have around 70+ people come through every day. Everyone’s brows are different, everyone’s stories are different, everyone generally knows what we do, and how we do it.

Do you offer other services?

We are very face focused. Brows, eyebrow tinting, lash tinting, lash elevate and makeups services.

What are the brow trends at the moment?

We really believe that brows should never ever be dictated by trends. Change up your clothes and your hair, as these are easy things to alter. But, if you start following the crowd in regards to altering the shape of your brows, it will significantly alter the shape of your face, and there is no guarantee that your brows are going to grow back. A soft, natural brow is always going to suit your face, and be easy to maintain.

As much as big, bold natural brows are in at the moment, we consider Browlab to be doing “brows for life”. It’s the most simple, cost effective way to alter the way you look, and a fuss free way to feel beautiful!

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This gorgeous modern day Frida artwork is by the VERY talented Canberran, Jess Cochrane. Check out her work! 


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Thank you so much to Tegan and Sianne for welcoming me into Browlab, and also to Carly for beautifying my brows – see you soon ladies (for my next appointment!)
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