A lot of us work in the corporate sector. Whilst this can be a conservative, very professional and formal environment, sometimes it means that corporate fashion is taken a little too seriously. Recently I had a lovely lady (who works in a high profile corporate environment) ask me how she and her fellow female colleagues could still dress conservatively and professionally for the corporate environment, but still maintain a level of fun fashion flare.


So, if you’re like her and looking to refresh your corporate work wardrobe and inject some fun and flare – then this ones for you!

Classic pencil skirts or the occasional black or grey skirt or pant suit, are generally staples of the corporate dress code. Personally, my workplace encourages a “sophisticated after 5” look which means that I can generally wear whatever I please, but I have to ensure I maintain a sophisticated look and feel. Denim is out of the question (unfortunately), but I am still able to rock my culottes, full skirts and quirky dresses.

In the corporate sector however, it is a little harder to channel you’re inner stylish self – as there are restrictions, and it’s easy for females to feel flat and boring whilst wearing their corporate uniform.

However, if you’ve got a quirky and fashionable out of the office look – I am here to tell you that you CAN channel this same style through your workday wear.

Tips For Dressing Corporate: 

– Find your statement piece, and ensure it has structure. This could be a statement blazer that is fitted, a pencil skirt or a cropped pair of pants – whichever you choose, it should be structured and tailored well to your shape. These pieces will form the basis of your chosen outfit, and are also pieces that you should invest in. If you’re worried about colour choices – instead of opting for the standard black and greys, try wearing navy’s, light blues, whites or even red. These colours won’t cause people to question your outfit choice, and will still give you that sophisticated flare.

– Once you’ve found your structured piece, pair it with a garment that has a little more softness to it. This could be loose fitting tops, that can be tucked into cropped pants or a pencil skirt, or it could be a coloured shift dress, that is paired with a structured white blazer. You can up do your standard black or grey suit, with a coloured shirt – easy done!

– Accessories are your best friend when it comes to corporate dressing, as long as you don’t OVER do it. Unless you’ve been told you have to wear them – ditch the standard black shoe, and go a little crazy with your heels. This is where your personality can really come alive – think leopard print heels (classy styles of course), monochrome heels, or nude pumps. Add costume jewellery to your look as well – whether it be a statement necklace, bangle or ring. These should compliment your look and tie it all together.

– Remember, you can wear dresses as part of your corporate uniform. I have spoken to countless women who feel that a pant suit is their only workplace option. As long as you wear a dress that is appropriate for your office, and it is teamed with structured accessories (such as a blazer or bolero), then I see no problem in it!

– A statement handbag will be your other best friend. Did you know that you don’t HAVE to bring the same handbag to work every day? So long as you don’t have mountains of paper and files to take to and from work, why not try using a clutch, or cross body bag instead? No one is saying that you have to use the same handbag every day. This is another great way to show off your flare and individuality as well.

For style inspiration – look to Olivia Palermo who regularly channels a corporate style look, with a fabulous twist!


Do you work in the corporate sector? If so, how do you style your outfits?

Have you got an event coming up and need some help finding an outfit, or have you got a niggling question about a trend that you need some tips on? Ask Jem – at jmrdak@outlook.com

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