FASHFEST, a spectacular three-day fashion experience is back again this year, and I can already tell it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before.

Held between 28-30 September, FASHFEST is by far the best fashion event to ever grace the Nation’s Capital and is a fashion experience that shines a spotlight directly on Canberra’s most talented designers.

This red carpet event brings together anyone who is anyone in the Canberra fashion scene, and gives Canberra locals an opportunity to feast their eyes on the fantastic design talents of various other locals.

Not only is this an event where local designers get the opportunity to shine in the spotlight, but it’s also an opportunity for Canberra fashionistas to get their frocks and heels out and shine on their own catwalk too!

This year, there have been a few amendments to the FASHFEST schedule.

So, what can we expect to see?

  • More designers than ever before;
  • FASHFEST 2017 is not just an event. It’s a total fashion experience, from the moment guests approach the venue until they enjoy their last sip of champagne;
  • Over 50 designers showcasing- local, interstate and overseas;
  • 15 live musicians and DJs; and
  • The ticket prices start at just $49!!

Oh and did I mention that its going to be bigger and better than ever before?


The question that is playing over and over in my mind at the moment, and I’m sure in the minds of many, is WHAT DO I WEAR TO SUCH EVENT? 

With Canberra’s spring weather being seriously unpredictable right now, I think whats also playing on our minds is how can one look fashionable, but still be weather appropriate?

If you’re currently reading this and thinking the same, then take a look at my FASHFEST style tips below:

1. Even though its an inside venue, its still going to be a little chilly. So, this is also a perfect time to get your fur (faux of course) out of the cupboard and flaunt it. Faux fur scarfs and snoods are also great ways to warm up your look.

2. The spotlight is most certainly on the designers at FASHFEST; so try not to steal it. What I am trying to say is, don’t go all Lady Gaga with your style and steal the show…

3. At the same time, try and be different. Wearing all black can definitely make a statement, but at the same time; so can a bright pink jacket paired with red pants. Make sure you think about how you can make a statement without going OTT.

4. Pain is beauty, but its also important to feel comfortable. You will be standing and sitting, standing and sitting, standing and sitting, so while wearing sky high heels might be a good idea when you’re getting ready at home, three hours later when your feet are about to fall off and you have a headache, they might not seem the best option.

Plan ahead and think about how long you’ll be at FASHFEST, and if you’ll be heading the the after parties. You may need an outfit or shoe change.

5. Have fun with it! We are so lucky to be treated to such an incredible week of fashion, so enjoy it.

FASHFEST is on 28-30 September at the National Convention Centre Canberra. Tickets start at $49 and are on sale now!