It’s the season of the denim jean.

Its cold, it’s windy, it’s rainy, and let me guess; the only thing you can be bothered to wear is jeans?

Yep, I’m hearing you!

To celebrate this favourite season of mine, I have rallied together multiple pairs of jeans in all different colours, sizes and styles for you to lust over and potentially treat yourself with!


So, what exactly ARE girlfriend jeans I hear you ask? Basically, the girlfriend jean is a more feminine style and alternative to the boyfriend jean. You will find that they are tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered straight slim leg. This style offers a really flattering shape.

girlfriendFrom left to right

Assembly High Waist Rigid Jeans

I always go to Assembly for my jeans, because they are so god damn comfortable! Made from rigid denim which means they are made from 100% cotton and have no stretch to them, these jeans have a flattering high-rise waistline and slim, tapered cut.

Cheap Monday Donna Jeans

Featuring a mid-dark wash colour, these girlfriend jeans are ideal for weekend wear paired with your Adidas sneakers and a slouchy knit. The tapering at the ankle makes them great for providing shape to your look.

Noisy May Destroyed Girlfriend Jean

If you like the grunge style of the boyfriend jean, but would prefer a more structured fit, then these Noisy May Destroyed Girlfriend jeans are for you. These jeans feature a mid-rise waist, relaxed fit and distressed detailing.


Now you may already be thinking that there is no way you can pull off a denim culotte. But yes, yes you can because culottes are actually really easy to wear! Just ensure that you always keep your proportions in mind, as the pant has to sit above the ankle in order for them to work.

culottesFrom left to right

Nobody Denim Culottes

These Nobody Denim Culottes are another great alternative to the boyfriend jean. They have a relaxed fit, gorgeous blue classic wash and street style worthy silhouette. Pair with strappy heels and simple, white tee.

Waven Vera Denim Culotte

These culottes are perfect for those who are still a little apprehensive about culottes, as they have a regular, more fitted fit with high-rise waist. They are also constructed from a lightweight denim, which makes them easier to wear and style.

Long Tall Sally Culotte Jeans

These are cool, lightweight denim culottes that feature a front crease, angled side pockets. Style these with a fitted chiffon shirt and cropped jacket.


Skinny jeans will forever be a winter wardrobe staple, and are always built to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes. They are great for styling up or down, depending on the occasion, and can be worn with a variety of statement garments and accessories. I strongly recommend having at least one style of skinny jean in each of these colours. skinniesFrom left to right

Atmos & Here Brooklyn Slashed Knee Skinny Jeans

Everybody needs a pair of black jeans. These Atmos & Here black skinnies are affordable and have a really flattering slim fit. They feature slashed knees, a stretchy design and high rise fit.

Cheap Monday High Spray Jeans

I really enjoy this colour jean because it pretty much goes with anything – especially grey knitwear. These Cheap Monday skinnies have a high waistline and a distressed finish. Their cropped ankle style is perfect for pairing with sneakers or hightops.

Nobody Denim Geo Skinny Ankle Jeans

Constructed from a stretch denim with the perfect mid-rise cut, these Nobody Denim jeans will honestly become a new wardrobe staple. Yes they are white with the potential to get dirty, BUT they are a perfect alternative to the darker colours you would normally opt to wear in winter.


Ahhh my all time favourites – the boyfriend jean. Embrace your inner tomboy with this style of jean as you wear them either unrolled for a grunge look, or rolled up with heels. A great way to style them is with a casual white tee and a fitted black blazer. boyfriendFrom Left to right

Oasis Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

These boyfriend jeans are border-line girlfriend jean, but still have a slightly relaxed fit in the upper thigh and calf area. They feature ripped knees, a slim cut and relaxed fit.

M.N.G Nancy Jeans

These M.N.G Nancy Jeans are made from 100% cotton denim and have a beautiful faded soft colour, as well as ripped detailing which makes for a classic, leisurely look.

Ryder Boyfriend Jeans

I absolutely adore the colouring of these Ryder jeans boyfriend jeans, and the contrast knees really put a twist on the traditional denim styles. These jeans are quiet playful and are ideal for the weekend.

A few things to remember when purchasing jeans:

– Make sure they fit you properly. If you’re umming and and ahhing over a pair of jeans that are either a little too loose, or a bit too tight; don’t buy them. Trust me, you’ll never wear them. If you’ve bought them online, return them and replace with a new size or style, as nobody wants their money waisted on jeans that don’t fit!

– Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and styles. There are so many out there, you are bound to find some new styles that you like and that suit you.

– Do invest in your denim. Ones that fit well will instantly make you feel confident.

– Always pay attention to the aftercare of your jeans. Has anyone ever heard of putting denim in the freezer sealed in a bag to keep them fresh? Apparently it works!