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I have always had an obsession with rings.

Although I love all forms of jewellery, rings seem to just be what I’m drawn to the most.

I love that different rings can tell different stories, especially as I find myself sourcing them from all over!

There are a few rings that I wear every day that hold a special place in my heart and on my fingers.

From a friendship ring that my best friend Emma and I have had for years, to a beautiful pearl ring that I found in an antiques store; it honestly feels weird when I forget to wear them!

Because I love rings so much, when I was recently invited up to Sydney to partake in the Larsen Jewellery ring making experience, I jumped at the opportunity.

This was an absolutely wonderful experience, and one that is actually available for couples to do too, so that they can make their own wedding rings before their big day.

Now THIS is definitely the best idea ever!

Now, before you think that there is no way you could make your own wedding ring on your own, don’t worry, a Larsen team member and experienced jeweller is by your side the entire time helping you out every step of the way (and correcting all your mistakes too!).

Upon entering the Larsen Jewellery studio in the Strand Arcade, I was instantly welcomed by their wonderful team members, as well as introduced to Kate Reid who is one of their Senior Jewellers, who guided me through the ring making experience.

I was very intrigued with how the whole experience works, and in all honesty it was absolutely wonderful. I actually learn’t a lot about jewellery design and ring making along the way too!

Specialising in custom made jewellery, the Larsen team are extremely experienced in making one-off unique pieces, that are special for each individual who wears them.


Before starting the ring making process, Kate and I sat down and decided on what style of ring I wanted to make. I opted for a plain band with a hammer finish.

We then measured my ring size for the finger I wanted to wear it on, and then got stuck right into it!

There were many processes and steps to the ring making experience, so I have highlighted the main ones below.

What’s even more special is that these are centuries old handcrafting techniques!

Step One: Milling

In this first process, we used a milling machine to mill the metal into the width, thickness and shape that suited the finger that I chose to wear it on.

This machine was super simple to use and involved me simply placing the metal into the rolling mill and turning it until it had formed the right shape and size.

Step Two: Shaping

From here it was time to shape the ring even more using a ring bender. This is where we bent the metal into a ring shape and sawed off any surplus metal from either end before bringing the two ends together.

I even got a go at the sawing, and after a little hesitation at first (for fear I’d cut my finger off), I finally got into the motion and put the ring into shape.

Step Three: Soldering

Using the gas flame, it was then time to solder the ring using a special metal solder, to fuse the two ends together. I had an initial go at this, and then was thankful for Kate stepping in to make sure that it was just right!

Step Four: Filing and Buffing

With a variety of files, we then refined the shape of the rings to remove any imperfections.

Step Five: Polishing

It was finally time to polish the ring until it was beautiful and shiny! This was actually a super fun step and involved me using this big, scary looking polishing machine where I held the ring right up and polished each part on the sides and front/back.

Then, it was time to wear the ring!

Step Six: Optional Extras

This step is for those couples who are wanting to add diamonds or engraving to the ring, or if the ring needs to be fitted to your engagement ring (the jeweller does this for you and normally takes 3-4 weeks, or quicker if you need).

The Larsen Jewellery Wedding Ring Experience 

The Wedding Ring Experience is really popular at Larsen Jewellery, and is such a fun and romantic thing for couples to do together in the lead up to their wedding.

It all starts with a design appointment in the weeks or months prior, where the specific designs are chosen and finalised. Almost any design is possible so this appointment takes the pressure off making fast decisions plus it allows time to ensure your dream rings will fit in to the wedding budget. After the design appointment, you then book a time for you to come in and make your rings.

You will have a jeweller with you for the entire 4-5 hour appointment making sure that both rings are absolutely perfect. They guarantee the quality is not compromised at all by you making them yourselves.

The Larsen team encourage you to make each other’s rings so you can proudly wear a ring that was crafted by the one you love most for the rest of your life!

They take heaps of photos, provide a light lunch and pop a bottle of bubbles at the end of the appointment so you can celebrate your achievement! If further features are to be added to you rings such as engraving or diamonds, your rings will be ready for collection a few weeks later along with your photos on a USB!

For more detail on my ring making experience, take a look at a time-lapse video that I put together below!

A big thank you to the Larsen Jewellery team for having me into their studio to participate in this incredible experience. 

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