It’s that time of year.

It’s cold, its wet, its miserable, so that must mean that its MIDYEAR SALE TIME!

What a perfect reason to get out of the cold and head into the shopping mall- who’s with me?

For those of you like me who enjoy a mid year sale or two, then this How to Shop the Mid Year Sales guide will be your bible for the coming weeks.


First things first; warn your wallets and prepare for some serious parting of money. You’ll be spending; but you’ll also be saving- in my opinion!

Just make sure you aren’t spending all of your hard earned rent savings on that Sass & Bide dress. Sale shopping is fun, but not when you can’t afford to live for the next couple of weeks.

Prepare yourself for crowds. If you’re the type of person that can’t handle having to rummage through clothing racks with ten thousand other hands climbing over you, then it’s best to get your laptop out and shop at home.

Head to the shops with an open mind, and be calm. If its meant to be then that knit or cute pair of shoes will be yours!

Make sure you’re a member of the stores loyalty programs. Most of them will offer an extra 10 or 20% off the sale price, just for those who have signed up to their programs. This could really save you some cash!

Don’t just purchase an item because it is by a particular designer brand and is 50% off. If its not your size, doesn’t look right, or if you know deep down you will only wear it once, then don’t waste your money. Purchase items of good quality, that are worth the price tag and that you know you are going to wear.

When heading out on a day of long, hard shopping- dress appropriately. There is nothing worse than heading to the shops and having to end the day halfway through because you’ve worn the wrong shoes or you’ve piled on too many layers. Dress appropriately and that will ensure that you have a positive shopping experience.

Before heading to the mid year sales, work out what you’re looking for. Make a list prior to heading out so that you have a rough idea of where your spendings will go, and it will (hopefully) ensure that you stay on track.

So get your flats on (I’m serious, wear comfortable shoes), and head out into the craziness of mid year sales!