What I love most about Canberra right now is that there are so many local designers, producers, artists and stylists who are getting out there and making a name and brand for themselves. I think that we have A LOT of incredible local talent that deserves to be recognised and celebrated, and I am 100% a supporter of local and small business.

Last night I attended the Sony of Oya Natural Soy Candles Launch Party – at Tupelo Coffee Co. Founded by Bec Cuzzillo (who you can also find over at Inexplicable Wanderlust), Sony of Oya is a Canberra – based Angelic Reiki healing studio and soy candle brand.



Bec, congratulations on the launch of Song of Oya! Tell me a bit about the brand and why you started?

So I started making candles in October last year, and at first I was doing it to see what it was like  as it was something I have wanted to do for a while now. I started looking for classes, but just couldn’t find one that was on at the right time. Then my partner Matt said “Why don’t we just get a kit and do it ourselves?”. So thats where it all began, and we are still making candles in our apartment. Normally we make one big batch of a particular scent, so there is always a lovely smell wafting through our place.

I am also an Angelic Reiki healer, so I have combined that with the candle business as well, and it’s a great aromatherapy mix. All of the candle names match with the scents of the candles. We have little affirmation cards that come with each of the candles as well, which is a great touch.

What is your favourite of the range? – It changes! But at the moment it’s Coconut and Lime, but that’s because I always want to be on a tropical holiday.

– Bec, we couldn’t agree more with you on that one!





Current scents available for purchase:

  • PEACE: Lavender + Mint
  • JOY: Coconut + Lime
  • LUST: Dark Amber + Cardamon
  • LOVE: Brown Sugar + Fig
  • FRESH: Green Tea + Lemongrass

Check out Song of Oya on Facebook and Instagram. Congratulations Bec on your new venture, can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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