It’s graaaaadually becoming t-shirt weather.

And you know what? I’m so very excited!

I’m a summer baby, which means I live for the warmer weather – once it hits anywhere above 20 degrees, I’m instantly in summer mode.

Although Canberra really isn’t putting on too much of a show at the moment weather wise, the sun has gradually started to appear, and so have my warm weather outfits!


One of my go-to warm weather outfits is a basic t-shirt, paired with a statement skirt and heels.

This is a fool proof outfit for me, and one that I know can take me from work to play throughout the week too! What I like about this particular look is that it’s quite relaxed, but structured at the same time.



This Assembly Label shirt is definitely a wardrobe staple for me.

It has a really relaxed fit, a wide neckline and loose feel, and is the style of t-shirt you’ll see me wearing either casually on weekends, or styled up with a statement skirt or pair of pants and heels.


This Zimmermann skirt is one that I purchased a few years ago and is one I’ve never been able to part ways with, purely because I love it’s shape and the way it makes me feel when I wear it!

This skirt is perfect for adding weight to any look, as it has a longer back hem, and shorter front. The pastel pink spot pattern detailing also adds a touch of colour.


You all know how much I love these Zara boots.

Although they are two sizes to big for me (long story, but basically I tried these shoes on in-store when I was sweaty after the gym, and forgot that sweat and heat makes your feet and legs swell and couldn’t fit into my normal size. Alas, when I returned home and tried them on later that day when I wasn’t sweaty, they were too big). Nevertheless, I wear them anyway with thick socks to make up the space in the boot!

This knee-length boot style fits in perfectly with the style of the skirt, and adds a touch of “edge” to the overall look.



IMG_3800 (1)

Get the look!

T-Shirt – Assembly Label – / Skirt – Zimmermann / Shoes – Zara

  • gosh you’re so cute and I love this outfit, espesh the skirt!!! You can’t even tell that the booties are too big! Looking great as always my girl <3