I absolutely adore flowers.

Having “Rose” as my middle name means that ALOT of people regularly ask me if roses is my type of favourite flower…in case you are wondering, it’s tulips.


What I love about flowers is that they are easily accessible.

If you’re on a budget, yet have a beautiful spring garden (or a neighbour who has), then you can make your own arrangements at home in glass vases or jars. My boyfriend and I like making our own arrangements with roses from our garden, most Sunday afternoons!

Sometimes though, its nice to receive a bouquet of flowers that have been handpicked, arranged, wrapped AND delivered to your door by a professional with extreme love and care.

This is exactly what The Floral Society, Canberra’s first and only digital floral destination does, and does very well.

The Floral Society offer a same day flower order and delivery service with their Daily Florals where each morning a unique arrangement using fresh blooms is made available for ordering and delivery – and each arrangement is different every single day. The Floral Society also offers a subscription service, delivering hassle-free flowers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (and it’s super affordable) – this is perfect for those who like to freshen up their room, home or office space with fresh blooms on a regular basis.

I was lucky enough this week to experience the personalised delivery service, and gorgeous bouquet arrangements supplied by The Floral Society. I also had a quick chat with Renee Douros, the Founder.

Renee, what was the inspiration behind launching The Floral Society, and where did the idea come from?

I have always loved flowers and as the Editor-in-Chief of HOORAY! Magazine, I spend way too much time swooning over beautiful blooms. I launched The Floral Society, an online flower market focusing on single variety flowers, daily florals and floral subscriptions to appeal to those pursuing floral chic. We’re one-of-a-kind business here in Canberra. If a local is searching for fresh florals en masse for say a wedding, they are forced to make the trek all the way to the Sydney Flower Market. We solve this dilemma by offering market fresh blooms like Net-A-Porter for flowers, although with free, same-day delivery! We also offer a Daily Floral and Floral Subscription which has become hugely popular with our small bunch setting you back just $30!

Where do you source the flowers from for each bouquet?

Our blooms are sourced fresh from local and regional growers.

What do you pride yourself on? What is something special about your brand?

We pride ourselves on the quality of the blooms we use and the style with which we arrange. For us, a great bouquet consists of simplicity. Our style is never overwhelming instead its understated, a little unexpected and always chic. Our branding is also a defining factor; you’ll know it’s a bouquet from The Floral Society if it’s wrapped in crisp white paper and tied elegantly with a thick, black satin ribbon.

The Floral Society is something new to Canberra. How has it been received within the local market?

The response we have received from Canberrans and even those interstate has been completely overwhelming. In the two short weeks that we have been operating, we’ve sold out every single day. It just goes to show, Canberra has been waiting for their own online flower market.

What sort of flowers can we expect to see in the coming weeks? What are the most sought after flowers for Spring?

Peonies. Everyone is peony mad at the moment…I’m also very excited to see Hydrangeas come in.

Do you have any plans to expand?

Not at this stage, we’re just trying to keep up with demand at the moment. But I’ll never say never! You don’t know where the future will take us.

What do you love most about what you do?

Obviously being surrounded by beautiful florals all day is divine. I also have a really great team of girls that work for me, who make coming into work every day very enjoyable. That and my morning coffee.

Current Promos / Pop Up’s

The Floral Society Pop-Up Flower Cart

Currently open at The Canberra Centre / Outside Mimco + Witchery. Market fresh blooms sold every Friday – Sunday starting from just $15.

Fairy Floss + Florals Friday

Buy a medium sized Daily Floral for delivery on a Friday and receive a free bag of unicorn poop flavoured fairy floss! – um yum!

flower cart

Image courtesy of The Canberra Centre

Last night I arrived home from Yoga, and noticed on the kitchen table, two GORGEOUS floral bouquets. With thanks to The Floral Society, I had received these two bouquets (medium and small sized), delivered to my house so that I could experience their beauty and see what all the fuss was about!

What I noticed instantly was the gorgeous wrapping and packing, as well as the cards that came with the bouquets – they were equally as eye catching!



The first thing I also noticed was that these flowers looked fresh, colourful and of amazing quality – just what everyone wants when they purchase a bouquet. I could instantly tell that these flowers were going last (given that I follow the care instructions properly).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, when I unwrapped the packaging I also noticed that they were both wrapped with a seriously cool paper that was printed with explanations on how to look after the flowers, fun floral facts, and tips on what flowers suit which occasion / recipient – now THIS I have never seen before.


This morning I made sure that the flowers were in their vases and sitting in the appropriate water solution to keep them fresh. Now they look absolutely beautiful on my dining room table. Ahhh, I could get used to this.

If you would like to receive The Floral Society Daily Florals – click here, or here for their subscription service. In my opinion, a girl can never have too many bouquets of flowers (so sign up for weekly deliveries).

All images taken by A Stylish Moment, unless otherwise stated.