I was flicking through my trusty Kikki.K diary this morning and noticed a page that separated the end of October and beginning of November that was titled “Looking Back On October”…

It was a page filled with questions, prompting me to look back on the month that was and reflect.

I’m all for doing this sort of thing, as I’m a big lover of gratitude journals, and dedicating parts of my day for reflecting on what I have, and what I’m looking forward to. Doing this often definitely keeps me motivated to strive for my goals too.

Today I thought I’d share exactly what I’ve written on my reflection of October, and I strongly encourage you all to do the same at the end of each month…

THE BEST THING: Blog opportunities, family, friendships, spring weather, being featured in a National newspaper article.


THE HARDEST THING: Family health issues, not having enough time as I’d like to focus on my blog and developing my business.

ONE LESSON I LEARNED: That family comes first, and health is so important!


I AM THANKFUL FOR: My strong relationship with my parents, my relationship with Sam, my dogs and their never ending love, my close friends, and my blog and all the opportunities that have come with it.


THE BEST MEAL I ATE: The Angie Cowen Gluten & Dairy Free Recipe book chocolate cake!


ONE NEW THING I TRIED: Saying NO and making me time for me.


IN NOVEMBER MY GOAL IS TO: Launch a very exciting project that is in the works…


Overall October was a relatively good month for me.

Although it was filled with it’s high’s and lows health wise for family members close to me, it was also filled with positive experiences. I learnt a lot about what priorities I need to focus on for the remainder of the year, and that saving money is super important right now… (but difficult to do!).

I think it’s really important for everyone to do some sort of reflection just like this.

Whether it be daily through writing in a gratitude journal, or doing weekly or monthly reflections like this one; I guarantee that it will have you feeling enlightened, grateful and at one with yourself and what you’re doing in life.

What was the best thing about your October?