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Valentines Day is just around the corner (in fact it’s next Tuesday 14 Feb!).

You know, I never had a Valentine when I was in high school. And back then for some reason, Valentines Day was a BIG deal.

There was always a big hoo-ha as to who was dating who, who would have a date for the big day, and what everyone else was doing. I wished and wished each year that I would have a Valentine (pathetic I know, oh how times have changed), but each year my bestie and I ended up having our own celebrations anyway which always featured a girls night in with desserts and movies – waaaaay better than going out on a date, right?

Now that I am with Sam, funnily enough we don’t even celebrate Valentines Day!

Because it’s so close to both of our birthdays by the time V Day rolls around, we’ve both already showered each other with love, gifts and dinner dates. So instead, we tend to just say the general “Happy Valentines Day” and have a lovely dinner at home – and I’m totally happy with that!

For others, Valentines Day is a BIG THING for them – and rightly so. It’s a great day to celebrate the love you share with another, and also an even greater excuse to head out for a date night!

This Valentines Day I have teamed up with My Jewellery Story (MYJS), to showcase a few of my favourite pieces for a Valentines Day themed gift guide. I’ve worked with this fantastic brand before, but to refresh you all, MYJS is an online, 100% Australian owned jewellery brand that provide gorgeous, affordable fashion jewellery.

Their pieces feature the finest Swarovski crystals and/or Cubic Zirconia, are 100% Nickel free and by collaborating closely with their manufacturing partners, ensure that their products are easily affordable, and of fantastic quality.

As always, it took me a good few hours to decide which pieces I wanted to receive and feature for you, but I think I’ve chosen ones that are super versatile for everyone, and chic too!

Designer Inspired Interlocking Circles Pendant

This beautiful interlocking circles pendant is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. This rhodium plated 18k white gold coloured necklace is so simple, but oh so elegant, and is a great addition to any workwear or everyday outfit.

The interlocking circles are embellished with petite cubic zirconia and conjoin together on an adjustable chain. The term “Two infinite loops indefinitely locked” sums this piece up perfectly.

Find the necklace here: Designer Inspired Interlocking Circles Pendant

Fluid Infinity Necklace 

I am a big lover of all infinity shaped jewellery. I love it’s shape, and also I more love what it represents.

The infinity symbol is a never ending loop, which symbolises forever,  limitless, and never ending possibilities.

The MYJS Fluid Infinity Necklace is a special one with its modern and elegant twist and timeless symbolism. The pendant is rhodium plated, and perfect for any style.

 Find the necklace here: Fluid Infinity Necklace. Also available as a set with earrings.

Hearts Stackable Ring

I love rings. In fact, I adore them.

This particular ring is a playful one with it’s rhodium hearts forming a charming band around the finger. A perfect piece to be worn on it’s own, or paired with other stackable rings; this is a great costume ring for everyday wear as well.

Like all MYJS pieces, it’s lead and nickel free making it hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types!

 Find the ring here: Heart Stackable Ring

So whether you’re looking to treat yourself this Valentines Day (there’s nothing wrong with that), or you’re wanting to give your partner a hint or two, definitely take a look at the My Jewellery Story range. Their pieces are all super affordable, and great for adding to your everyday jewellery collection.


Created in collaboration with My Jewellery Story. All words, opinions, styling & creative direction are my own.

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