So I’m a massive fan of spots at the moment.

Whether they come in black, white or are coloured, and are in dress, shirt or short form – I love that they can be combined with a multitude of looks in my wardrobe.

And you know what? Wearing spotty prints can instantly brighten my mood too!

I recently stumbled across this Atmos&Here Stella Slip Dress, and knew that it would be the perfect spotty addition to my wardrobe.




This dress is most definitely a summer staple with it’s simple cut, and black and white polka dot finish.

It’s v neckline also makes it perfect for pair over the top of a simple white tee, like I’ve done so below.

In the cooler months, I’m also envisioning this dress paired with a long sleeved, collared shirt and knee length boots too!



Let’s just say that this dress is super lightweight, easy to wear, and ticks all the boxes in the black, white & spotty all over category.




Tips for wearing shirts under dresses:

Unless you’ve reaaaaally got an eye for prints, then definitely always style a plain shirt underneath a patterned dress. This will ensure that the look remains streamlined and deters it from appearing OTT.

– Apply this rule vice versa if you’re wearing a plain dress – style a patterned shirt underneath!

– Looking for a professional look? Then style a collared shirt (white or chambray) underneath a tank or sleeveless dress, and roll up the cuffs.

– If it’s really warm, and you’re over wearing your usual t-shirts, then try styling an off-the-shoulder shirt underneath your slip dress. It’ll make for some great shapes.

– Also, never underestimate a t-shirt styled underneath a maxi dress…

Get the look!

Dress – Atmos&Here / Shirt – Country Road / Shoes – Siren / Earrings – Designer Op Shop

  • absolutely beautiful my girl. I hope you’re feeling a whole heap better! Love the outfit and this location xox you must tell me where it is or we should just go together next week! M