It may be absolutly freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean that we have to layer, layer and layer every day. On the days when it is relatively warmer outside (this can be very rare in Canberra), it’s important that we take advantage of the sun and dress appropriately. So what does one wear on the days when its slightly warmer, and you want to TRY and get some sun? 

One would wear a midi skirt of course! A midi skirt is perfect for tran-seasonal wear with its mid length style that just covers the knee, and its lady like silhouette.



The midi skirt above is one of my ultimate favourite’s and go-to’s from Country Road. This skirt is super versatile and has a serious 70’s vibe to it! In true indigo denim, it has a hint of stretch for extra comfort and is perfect for pair with a white tee (above) or with a denim shirt (below). Denim on denim is a trend now, and it’s certainly a trend that is here to stay. A chambray denim shirt paired with this indigo denim skirt is a great weekend wear choice.


I always find myself paring any mid skirt with heels, as I find it gives me the best results. Being quite short, I always like to add height to my look, otherwise I run the risk of being swallowed by the outfit. Adding a heel with detail to a midi skirt is always a good idea, especially if your chosen top half isn’t as exciting.

IMG_1636 IMG_1673 IMG_1677

It’s always nice to jazz up a lady like outfit with cute accessories. Here I have added my favourite Lack of Color fedora and a simple gold bracelet. These accessories streamline the look nicely and ensures that it doesn’t go OTT.

Perfect for weekend and week day wear, the midi skirt is an ideal piece that every lady should have in her wardrobe. If you love midi skirts as much as I do, then you’ll have more than one in high rotation at the moment. Remember, when it’s a little warmer on winter days, you can also rock a midi skirt with a loose fitted or skin tight sweater/ turtle neck, as this will add some added warmth. See more about denim skirts here

Shirt: Assembly Label

Skirt: Country Road 

Shoes: Vintage

Hat: Lack of Color

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