Sometimes I like to think outside the square when it comes to my personal styling. Other times, I like to keep a minimalist approach to how I dress.

Most of the time, I am an outfit adventurer, and I LOVE mixing and matching various pieces in my wardrobe. Sometimes you’ll find me pairing playsuits with long sleeved shirts (like below), wearing scarves as belts and styling shirts as jackets.


Over the weekend I decided to experiment a little with my wardrobe. I do this sometimes when I am feeling a little uninspired with the pieces that I own, and when I am looking to refresh my look. When I have the time, I like to get all the clothes out of my various cupboards and wardrobes and have a little fashion show. This is where I will try on various garments with other pieces and see what combinations I can come up with! If I like what I see, then I’ll take a photo of the outfit so that I can use it for future reference on days when I’m struggling to put an outfit together.

On this particular occasion, I came across two pieces that are meant for two different seasons. My H&M Strapless Playsuit, and my Isabel Marant Étoile Denim Shirt. A high street piece and a designer piece – the perfect mix! I decided to pair these two garments together to see what result I would get, and once I placed the playsuit on over the blue, chambray shirt; I knew I was onto a winner! The contrasting, bright colours make for the perfect tropical mix – don’t you think?



Undoing the top two buttons of the shirt meant that it was able to flow nicely into the bust of the playsuit, as the shirt buttons lined up exactly down the middle of the suit.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to style the shirt cuffs rolled up or down, but opted to leave them down as it was a little chilly outside. On warmer days, I would definitely roll the sleeves up for a more casual look – and could even pair the outfit with my Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers.



I completed the look with an old, ancient pair of Zara heels that have lasted me years! I am OBSESSED with the monochrome print on the shoes, and refuse to part ways with them. These shoes add a great final touch of colour and print to the overall look, and the black All Saints clutch adds a great finishing touch!






Shirt Isabel Marant Étoile // Playsuit H&M // Shoes Zara // Clutch All Saints (similar here).

Do you ever experiment with different pieces of your wardrobe? Give it a go, you never know what outfit you may come up with!