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I love driving.

The freedom of being able to zip around anywhere in Canberra and get from meeting to meeting on time without having to rely on public transport.

But I haven’t always loved driving.

Back when I was old enough to get my Learner’s Permit (15 and 9 months) I was adamant to my parents that I didn’t want to learn to drive a car and instead wanted a scooter – a Vespa to be exact!

Well when that didn’t go down well, I was enrolled into my Road Ready course at high school and started to learn the rules of driving in my Mum’s Toyota RAV4.

What an experience that was. Being a manual car (my parents were very keen on me learning this way), it took me quite some time to navigate the gears, clutch, accelerator and brake effectively and smoothly.

Fond memories include bunny hopping quite often down our street, and stalling at the lights when they turned green, to only get the car back on as they turned red again. Needless to say that this happened many times and included lots of screaming and yelling from both myself and whichever parent was in the car with me. Ahhh the memories!

When it was time to look towards getting my P’s, I went down the route of getting regular driving lessons and filling out a log book of hours. It was in these lessons where I learned how to parallel park and do hill starts, which we all know are SO fun to do, especially when the hill is literally the incline equivalent of Mount Everest…

When I got my P’s I was in Year 12 and was the only one in my friendship group that had a car to drive to school in every day. This was a super cute 3 door Toyota Yaris in a bright sky blue colour. It was the love of my life at the time and gave me so many fond memories!

Because I was the only one who had a car, our school lunch breaks and free class periods were always spent driving around the school grounds, to McDonalds (just because we could), and to anywhere and everywhere we felt like. God knows how much petrol I went through – that is probably where all my money went in high school!

But you know what? Being able to drive during Year 12 was a big highlight for me. It gave me freedom, and responsibility, and I loved every single minute of it (so did my friends mind you!).

In 2014 I was in a car accident with my beloved Toyota Yaris. Nothing too major, but it ended with my car being written off. Of course I cried – more because I was losing a car that held so many great memories for me.

I then upgraded to a snazzy Toyota Corolla (just a little bigger) and that’s the car that I have now.

With quite a few road trips up to Byron Bay and Queensland, regular trips to Sydney, Wagga and Melbourne – this car has been on the road A LOT.

Now that I have begun working for myself, I have found over the last month or so that I have been driving a fair bit.

Whether it be driving to photoshoots and having to use my car as a change room, or to meetings, or interstate for work appointments – you’ll regularly see me on the road belting out a tune to Kylie Minogue or Jimmy Barnes…

No complaints here, though – I love driving and find it the most effective way to get around Canberra. Being able to drive means that on my really busy days where I might be going from the gym to a meeting to an event or appointment, I can store everything that I need for the day in my car and use it as my wardrobe on the road – it’s great!

BUT – I am getting to the point now where it’s time to start thinking about upgrading to something a little bigger.

I have had my beloved Toyota Corolla for a few years now, and although the car is in good condition, with all the interstate travel that I do, and the things that I use my car for (aka getting changed into various outfits multiple times during the week), it really is time to start thinking about upgrading to something a little bigger – and also something that will last and be useful for the years to come.

This is where the NRMA comes into the picture. I have been an NRMA customer since I first started driving, so it was a no brainer to start looking into their car loan and finance options. I am only still in the research days, so don’t expect to see me in new wheels any time soon.

Of the research that I have done with the NRMA, I have also found that their car loan calculator is an easy way to find out what your options are, it’ll give you an accurate idea of what you can afford depending on your financial situation.

For those like me that are looking for an upgrade, I highly recommend looking at their car loan and financing options, even if it’s as a research starting point.