You guys know that I’m a BIG fan of mixing wardrobe pieces that are meant for specific seasons.

You know, pairing a dress with leather pants in winter, or wearing a wool blazer paired with shorts in summer.

Why do I do this? Because I am very much a Contrary Mary and like to be different. I also love to spend time trialing and testing out outfit combinations.

This week I decided to do just this, and style my summer style leather look dress, over a long sleeved white shirt – with a pair of knee high boots.

And ta-da, this is what it resulted in…


Considering the weather in Canberra is very sloooowly starting to warm up, I have started to be a little more experimental with my wardrobe, and am gradually beginning to whip out some of my outfits that are normally reserved for spring/summer wear.

This leather look dress from Zara has been a staple of mine ever since I bought it.

What I love about this dress is that it has incredible front detailing, and a slightly structured shape and fit. It’s scalloped edging makes for great detail on the hemline, and the dress is the perfect length for pairing with knee-length boots.



This is one of those outfits that I pull together regularly because I know it works, and I know it is hassle free and comfortable, which is super important. Styling a similarly structured shirt underneath the dress makes for a great fit and adds some coverage to the arms, which is necessary considering it’s not 100% warm here yet.



Pairing this look with my knee-length boots gave the outfit a touch of edginess, and also streamlined my appearance as well. Alternatively you could style this dress and shirt combination with a pair of chic sneakers (even leopard print ones), or a pair of simple black heels.


Get the look!

 Leather look dress – here, here and here / White shirt – here, here and here / Knee length boots – here, here and here.