There most certainly is a winter chill in the air at the moment.

Canberra can get severely cold in winter, and this last week really has been quite testing (although the fact that I’m heading to Bali on Sunday is helping me get through the freezing temps!).

Because it is so cold, I opted NOT to style a suitable outfit for the cold over the weekend – crazy, I know. The sun was out, but it was certainly deceiving. I’m actually pretty sure that it was minus 5 degrees when we did this photo shoot…

What I love about this look is that it is fresh.

Fresh with colour, vibrancy and style – something that is SO needed during these cooler months.

I think that it’s so easy for a lot of us to get caught up in wearing just darker shades in winter, and only lighter shades in summer – and forgetting that there is absolutely NO rule telling us that we have to do this!

Why can’t we wear a gorgeous summer frock paired with a denim skirt and knee length boots? I say let’s break the rules and be as fun and adventurous as we can during these cooler months.

Otherwise, we run the risk of wearing the same old black and grey combo right through to October… and where’s the fun in that?

If you’re looking for a way to feel boho this winter, then this Drift and Dream Tassle Dress by Swiish is the dress for you!

With it’s unique floral print and hanging tassels from the wristbands, this tunic dress is perfect for pairing with knee length boots in winter for a sophisticated boho look.

The added denim jacket tones the outfit down to a more casual look – with it’s structured shape and contrasting blue tones.

I absolutely adore this Assembly Label jacket. In all honesty, I often forget the wear it, however when I do, I remind myself that it’s something that I definitely need to be wearing more often!

So my message from all of this is – be brave and break the rules this winter!

Get the look!

Dress – Swiish / Denim jacket– Assembly Label / Boots – Zara

Photography by simonarphotography.com