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Growing up, I was always participating in some type of sport.

It all started with soccer in the early years of primary school, and then netball, tennis and swimming as I got older. 

When reflecting on my days spent playing (more like learning how to play) Tennis with my parents recently, they touched on the fact that I was more keen on socialising with my friends during tennis practice, rather than building my skills to become the next Ash Barty!!

What can I say, I do love a chat…

As I got older, Netball became my focus, and tennis definitely fell to the wayside, however that’s not to say that I haven’t always had a soft spot for it. 

I fondly remember heading down to the Tuggeranong tennis courts in the school holidays and having a few hits with my friend Emma. We’d ride our bikes down and then stop at McDonalds on the way home – the perfect day really!

When Tennis ACT approached me recently to see if I was interested in taking part in an Open Court Session via the new national, Get Your Racquet On campaign (which involves the perfect mix of tennis AND socialising), I instantly said yes. Also, the Australian Open had just started and as we all know, when the Australian Open is on; we all become a little more inspired to play the game…

tennis canberra
tennis canberra
tennis canberra

The Get Your Racquet On campaign is one that I am 100% on board with – it’s designed for people that love to have a hit now and then with friends, like to stay fit, but don’t want to be part of anything competitive. 

Essentially, there are Open Court Sessions at various registered courts around the country (with plenty in Canberra too if you’re based here!) and are a new and great way to get out and meet new people, have a laugh, and play tennis at your skill level – with a killer soundtrack, naturally.

Going for around 90-minutes, you’ll have a 10-minute warm-up, 50-minutes of tennis activities and 30-minutes of socialising. 

On court, you’ll play different tennis activities including tennis on smaller courts, Pickleball and triples on a full size court. 

tennis canberra

Off court, you get to make new friends over a drink or a bite to eat.

The best bit? Just show up with or without a crew and your local tennis club will host the night! You don’t need any equipment or any tennis skills, just rock up and have a hit.

And that’s exactly what my partner Alex and I did a couple of weeks ago, when we headed to the Braddon Tennis Club to participate in the first Open Court Session; and you know what – we had an absolute BALL (excuse the pun).

tennis canberra
tennis canberra

We got to have a hit on the courts, meet some new people and just generally have a great time together, doing something a little different. 

What I love about this program is that it really is so inclusive – you can be an absolute pro at the game, or a complete novice; and you’ll feel so welcomed at any of the sessions – plus you’ll really enjoy it (trust me).

tennis canberra

Interested in participating? Here’s what you need to know:

  • – Dress comfy (think sneakers)
  • – No tennis gear required
  • – Come with or without a crew
  • – Session goes for 90 minutes
  • – Book a session and just show up
  • – Price varies per club

For more information on how to participate at your local club – click here.

Photography by Simona Photography.