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I’m going to be honest when I say that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment!

Running a service based business at this time of year is TOUGH (but extremely rewarding), and it’s safe to say that I really do need to take some proper time out during the Christmas shutdown period to recharge and relax.

But for now to get me to the end of the year in one piece, I was lucky enough to experience a New Aged Customised Facial at endota spa last week, which well and truly gave me the little break that I needed.

Have you ever experienced an endota spa facial, or even one of their treatments before? If you can, BOOK ONE NOW!

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Not only are their treatments super affordable, but they’ll honestly take you to another world with how incredibly relaxing & rejuvenating they are.

Their New Age Customised Facial is designed to treat specific concerns, and uses advanced clinical diagnostics to help transform your skin.

The endota spa professional therapists analyse your complexion using: 

• BT Analyse: Diagnostic tool used to test hydration levels

• Skin Scanner technology: Used to detect imperfections not visible to the naked eye including sun damage, oily and dry skin, blocked pores and pigment disorders. The skin scanner helps the therapists get to know your skin, so they can care for it properly. 

• BT Micro technology: A professional treatment tool that assists visual skin assessment and the infusion of active ingredients.

• The expert therapists then choose the most appropriate combination of product to treat your particular skin type and concern.

So what are the benefits?

Well, your skin is transformed by targeting and correcting specific concerns including:

• Active ingredients from endota spa’s clinically tested New Age range are infused into your skin, targeting and correcting skin imperfections with proven results. 

For me, we targeted sensitivity through using their New Age Sensitivity range, as well as hydration.

• And you’re able to maintain the results with a complete skin assessment and take-home prescription.

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Remember in my last endota spa blog post, I mentioned that in my skin consult, my skin ranked 27 out of 60 on the hydration scale?

Well, after this facial, my ranking had gone up by 10 points already!

I absolutely LOVE the feeling that your skin has after a facial, and I am trying my best to get this at home with my skincare routine.

Which is why, I’ve taken home a couple of endota spa products (including their Triple Defence Eye Cream) to integrate into my skincare regime to UP the hydration (and maintain it too!).

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You can also “add on” other treatments to your facial too – including a Hydro Microdermabrasion, or LED Light Therapy!

Click here to see the full treatment range at endota spa (PS – there is still time to get someone a gift voucher for Christmas… just saying).

Photography by Simona Photography.