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Longtime followers will know just how much I love exercising.

It’s what I call a “daily non negotiable”, meaning that it’s something that I make part of my day to day routine.

Although there are many physical benefits to exercise, for me it’s more about the positive mental health benefits that I receive from getting sweaty!

Whilst I love doing my HIIT training each morning, as well as weekly pilates sessions; I always like to try something new.

So, when Iron ZUU Fyshwick got in touch to see if I would be interested in trialling their way of training, I jumped at the opportunity!

Iron ZUU Fyshwick is Canberra’s first and only Iron ZUU studio, bringing you the ultimate in conditioning, mobility and culture.

So what exactly is Iron ZUU?

I was lucky enough to visit the studio early this morning to check it out, prior to it’s official opening this Saturday!

Richard, one of the co-founders of the Canberra studio took me through a sneak peak of what one could expect from an Iron ZUU session, and wow it was tough!

Canberra’s very own Iron ZUU is HILIT (High Intensity, Low Impact Training) which covers three modalities – ZUU, Iron ZUU and TAK’I. 

They focus on mobility and longevity, culture, people and community. 

Over the years ZUU has become an integral part of these sectors being used for pre-season training, game specific conditioning, rehabilitation, confined space training, remote location training and frontline troop training where equipment is unavailable or unaccessible.

It has a strong focus on body weighted exercises, as well as a small weights aspect as well.

Call me crazy, but I personally LOVE body weighted exercises.

For me, the less equipment the better, which is why I was so keen to trial this style of training.

What can you expect from a session at Iron ZUU?

Sessions generally run for 45-60 minutes, and cover three modalities – ZUU, Iron ZUU and TAK’I. 

There is a mix of body weighted exercises, and some weights exercises.

What I love most about the sessions is that they are community focused too! Everyone in the class works together and supports one another throughout the entire session.

The verdict?

I absolutely LOVED it and can’t wait to attend one of their sessions!

Iron ZUU Fyshwick Open Day

Get a taste of what Iron ZUU has to offer at their open day this weekend!

When: Saturday 13 April, 8am to 1pm
Where: Iron ZUU Fyshwick, 4B / 9 Lyell Street Fyshwick
What: High intensity, low impact interval training set to challenge you on every level!

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