I’m always on the hunt for mid length, a-line dresses and skirts, especially to wear during this time of year.

Being short and petite, I was a little apprehensive of this style at first, simply because of it’s awkward length.

However I quickly discovered that the trick to wearing mid length pieces, is to experiment with different length variations, cuts AND to wear them with heels!

If you too have been a little hesitant to try a mid-length style, here are a couple of tips to getting it right.

Wear with heels

When wearing a mid-length dress or skirt, opt for wearing it with heels as this can elongate your frame.

Due to the awkward length of the skirt or dress, pairing the look with heels can add both height (obviously), but also make it a little more flattering.

Balance it out

Proportions are important when it comes to wearing a mid length dress or skirt, which means you need to get them right.

If your skirt is flouncy and full of volume, then wear a fitted shirt on top, and vice versa if you’re wearing a more streamlined skirt. 

Get the look!

Dress – Showpo 

Photography by simonarphotography.com

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