Editors note: This was a blog post that I wrote last year after my first trip to endota spa.

After visiting the spa a few days ago, I thought I would share this post with you again, to show you how much you can learn about your skin with endota’s New Age Light Therapy treatment! 

I’ve always been told that I have nice skin, and I definitely have my Mum (and her good genetics) to thank for that.

Mum always instilled a good skincare routine in me from a young age, and it is something that I am super vigilant with these days.

I love looking after my skin, and seeing the positive results I get when I maintain a good skincare routine too.

So, when the newly opened endota spa (located in the new Beauty Precinct of the Canberra Centre) invited me to try their New Age Light Therapy facial, I jumped at the chance!

Having said that, I was also in Bali at the time I got the invitation, and had just finished a two hour facial and massage… so was super excited to fly home and experience another pampering session!

endota, an indigenous word meaning beautiful, was founded on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular, and is a brand that is known for providing truly relaxing and very calming treatments.

Last week I was treated to endota’s New Age Light Therapy, which involved a lot more than I thought it would.

From what I thought would be a simple facial, became an in depth skin consultation and analysis – which turns out is exactly what I needed.

This clinically tested high performance facial uses the latest technology to deliver collagen stimulating, anti-ageing results.

It also uses Light Therapy (LED) which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and provides a defence against the ageing process.

The consultation began with a skin assessment, which involved having my skin hydration levels tested via a little machine held up to my face. Having just returned home from Bali all fresh and rejuvenated, I thought for sure that I was going to get a pretty good hydration reading!

Boy was I wrong.

See it turns out my skin wasn’t as hydrated as I thought it was, as it ranked 20 out of 60 on the hydration scale!

I instantly thought that this ranking meant I failed the test, and that all my hard skincare work was wasted (I was also secretly cursing the expensive skincare brands that I fork out money on).

BUT, I was assured by my wonderful consultant that the reading result was fine, and could easily be fixed with a coupe of tweaks to my everyday skincare routine.

Post the skin consultation, I then got to experience the New Age Light Therapy facial, which involved having my skin exposed to LED lights for around 10 minutes (whilst I was getting a glorious foot massage!).

Light Therapy (LED) deeply hydrates and stimulates cell regeneration by boosting collagen and elastin production. endota spa’s New Age collagen is then infused to further plump and tone the skin.

The facial also included an exfoliation of the skin, and rejuvenation phase.

Post the treatment, my skin looked a million times better than it did before I went in, and I can still see the results a week later.

Once the facial had been completed, my skin was then retested for hydration, and scored a whopping 40 out of 60!

So, what did I learn about my skin from this experience?

I learn’t that I am doing all the right things when it comes to skincare EXCEPT exfoliating it twice a week. This is why I measured so low initially on the hydration reading, and is what I need to start incorporating into my skincare routine.

Of course, because I want my skin to be as hydrated as possible, I purchased the endota Ceuticals Enzyme Scrub, which is designed to compliment your already existing skincare routine, and is exactly what I needed!

If you are wanting to learn a little more about your skin’s hydration, as well as the areas of your face that need a little more TLC; then book an appointment at one of endota spas 90 locations around Australia.

Trust me, you’ll learn a lot more about your skin then what you already know!

Editors note: I was a guest of endota spa, located in the Canberra Centre Beauty Precinct.