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It wasn’t until I became quite rundown recently that I realised how important it is for me to slow down and actually appreciate the special moments that life brings, and celebrate even the littlest of milestones.

I’ve learn’t over time and especially during periods when I feel run down and stressed, that it’s important to take a moment to stop and appreciate the littlest milestones and achievements. Up until recently, I wasn’t making time to do this – and had forgotten to take the time to give myself a little pat on the back for my recent achievements.

Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my recent milestones, in support of Emma & Roe and their ideology of using jewellery to express life’s precious moments.

Reaching just over 17,000 followers on Instagram

Sorry what.

There are just over 17,000 people out there that follow A Stylish Moment? To think that just a few years ago I thought I’d give this blogging thing go as a side hobby, and here I am almost turning it into a full time career! And it’s all thanks to you – my readers, who read and follow my life, and seem to like what I post!

I still think that it’s just my Mum and a couple of friends who read my posts..but I’m starting to realise that I’m really starting to make some traction with it all – and it feels so damn good!

Being able to practicing the art of mindfulness

This one isn’t a massive milestone, but it’s something that I feel I’ve mastered quite well lately. Practicing the art of mindfulness every day is really important for me. Mindfulness can be really hard at times – but it’s one of those things where practice makes perfect.

It’s taken me a very long time to master with plenty of practice and lot’s of frustration too I assure you. Mastering the art of mindfulness comes with practice through meditation, however I have found that once you get the hang of it you’re able to switch your mindfulness mind on easily.

Growth of my other business – Dak & Co

Most of you already know that whilst I blog here at A Stylish Moment, I also run a small, boutique social media management business- Dak & Co. Although I have been running this business for just over a year now, I feel that it’s grown so rapidly in just the past few months.

This is due to the fact that I’ve been able to start making time to grow the business, and have made some incredible connections with small businesses.

And let me tell you this; there are some exciting developments coming with this business and I cannot wait to share them all!

I’m finally starting to save money

If you know me well then you’ll know that I am (or was) a chronic spender. Now that my business is expanding and my list of goals is growing, I’ve learn’t just how important it is to be saving money. For once I’m actually doing it, so here’s hoping that I keep holding back on buying pairs of shoes I don’t need!!

In this post, I’m also sharing with you a couple of Emma & Roe pieces that I love to wear everyday – a beautiful Diamond Set Yellow Gold charm, and matching Sterling Silver Charm bracelet which is ideal for capturing the special moments in your life.

Emma & Roe, part of the Michael Hill jewellery house, have been designing contemporary, exceptionally crafted and affordable designs for over 30 years. A fun little fact – the name “Emma & Roe” comes from Sir Michael Hill’s daughter, Emma and his wife, Lady Christine Hill, whose maiden name was Roe!

The Emma & Roe brand believe that great jewellery should be the ultimate expression of life’s most precious moments. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone big or small – their jewellery range is designed for you to start a conversation about your special moments.

Have you recently achieved some special milestones? Have you been celebrating them? Remember that celebrating your own success is important in order to continue achieving your goals and aligning with where you want to be!

Bracelet and Charm from Emma & Roe / Visit the full range here

Photography by simonarphotography.com