So the Black Opal Stakes has well and truly crept up on us!

So much so that it’s on Sunday and I’ve only JUST decided on my dress…

For those that are unaware, the Black Opal Stakes is Canberra’s Premier race day, and kicks off Sunday morning at Thoroughbred Park, Canberra.

This year I have excitedly jumped onboard again to judge the Canberra Centre Fashions on the Field alongside some other Canberra fashionista’s – and I cannot wait!

What I’m looking for in Canberra Centre Fashions on the Field entrants:

– Entrants who are not afraid to wear something unique and a little different.

– Entrants that go outside of their comfort zone with their outfit. Tip: Try and experiment with a new colour that you wouldn’t normally wear.

– Entrants who’s outfit is appropriate for the climate – with Autumn race wear outfit’s with sleeves are preferred.

РAttention to detail on accessories and the headwear. Tip: Think about every aspect of your outfit from top to bottom.

– Millinery, shoes, and clutch that is matched back to the dress or suit, as this is the focal point of your outfit.

Tip: If you’re nervous about entering – fake it till you make it! Be confident in who you are, and what you’re wearing.

Other things to remember for Black Opal Stakes:

– Tickets are still available – purchase them here.

– Tickets are also available at the gate upon arrival.

– Free ACTION bus rides will be available from anywhere in Canberra for those who have a Black Opal Ticket.

I also wrote a blog post in collaboration with the Canberra Centre on how to prep for Black Opal Stakes.

You can read it here!

The Black Opal Stakes, Sunday March 11, Thoroughbred Park, Canberra.

Gates open at 11.30am. Fashions on the Field entries accepted between 12pm-3pm. Receive information and tickets from