I am so very proud to be an Australian, and to wear and represent Australian labels.

There is something so special about purchasing a beautiful, quality (Australian) made, and designed garment, that you know was made in our very own “backyard”.

I think we have come a long way with our Australian designers, and if Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last week was anything to go by, then we have SO MUCH to come in the way of Australian designers.

What comes with Australian made products, is Australian materials, sourced far and wide from across the country.

One particular Australian produced material which I am so fond of wearing, is Australian Merino wool.

This year, The Woolmark Company has joined forces with Australian shopping centre, Westfield for it’s winter fashion Wool Week Campaign (PS – winter is only a week away, eeeek!), celebrating Australian Merino wool, as well as the growers who produce the fiber, and the designers that use it in their collections.

The Woolmark Company is a global authority on wool, and through their extensive network of relationships in the international textile and fashion industries, highlight Australia’s wool position as the ultimate natural fiber and a premier ingredient in luxury apparel.

Throughout Wool Week, this fabulous, Australian grown fiber is celebrated in multiple Westfield campaigns, as well as in a selection of winter accessories, boots, denim and apparel.

The Woolmark logo, is one of the worlds most recognised logos, and provides assurance that you’re purchasing the highest of quality wool products.

When doing my research about Australian Wool Week, I learnt SO MUCH about how to look after your wool garments, and learnt that a lot of the things I was doing to look after my wool garments, were actually wrong…

A few key things that I learnt:

– It’s important to leave your wool garments to rest for 24 hours before wearing again to let the wool recover and return to its original shape.

– To refresh your wool garments, hang them in a steamy bathroom and the moisture will remove all wrinkles.

– If your wool garment is wet, dry it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or heat.

– Knitted garments should be folded and stored in drawers, whilst woven wool garments should be hung on a suitable hanger (shaped or padded).

Now I think it’s safe to say that there is no way you can get through winter (especially in Canberra) without having a selection of quality, Australian made wool garments in your wardrobe.

To celebrate this years Australian Wool Week, I decided to style a very Canberra appropriate outfit, fit for trans-seasonal wear, as we brace ourselves for the cooler weather ahead. I also chose to shoot this look in a very iconic Canberra location, Old Parliament House, at a time of day that I find is my favourite in the cooler months.

This was most definitely one of my most favored shoots to date, as I think it really encapsulates the art of wool products, and how they can be produced, designed and then styled in so many different and creative ways.

For this look, I styled my wool garment over a a sleek black patent skirt, with knee high boots, This is what you’re going to see me wear over and over, before it gets far too cold to have any skin exposed!

What I love about this outfit is that the ruffle sleeves do ALL the talking – and so they should, they are amazing!

What I learnt from this particular photo shoot, and the Westfield Wool Week Campaign, is that Australian merino wool, and supporting this industry is so very important.

By purchasing Australian Merino wool garments, not only are you purchasing something that is of incredible quality, but you’re also supporting the growers in your own country. Now to me, I think that is pretty special.

Knowing where your garment has come from, where the wool was grown, and how it was produced – is just mind blowing, and makes you feel even better when actually wearing the garment.

So, next time you’re looking to purchase a new wool garment for winter, ensure that you’re supporting home grown products, with Australian Merino Wool. Shop your winter wool fashion looks from a range of Australian designers such as Saba, Country Road, Camilla & Marc, RM Williams, Cue & more- here.

Also, if you’re like me and are constantly staining every outfit you own, and know how DIFFICULT it can be to get stains out of wool – this “How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Wool” post is oh so helpful!

Take a look at this years Westfield x The Woolmark Company campaign – it’s simply breathtaking! If you’re anything like me and can be easily moved by Australian ad campaigns (I cry whenever I see the QANTAS ad), then you’ll love this Westfield and Woolmark Present: Wool Meets Fashion at Anlaby Station video clip. It’ll make you feel proud to be an Australian supporting Australian products.

Created in support of Westfield Australia and The Woolmark Company

Photography by simonarphotography.com